I went out to get a drink and didn’t even know my big boy was up watching tv still til I walked in there. He has been so quit and everyone has been a sleep for hours. I had even fallen a sleep a few times. I thought he must be too. He was just sitting there in his Scooby Doo pj’s watching tv with his Boo.

I he said something when he seen me come by and I sat down beside him and we started talking. We didn’t really talk about anything more a little bit of everything I guess. I was telling me about missing being in school. They only went two days this week. Today was the last so he has been out for a whopping 12 hours. But he loves school.

He told me about the bones in the body where the jaw bone was and about the bones that hold your eyes in. Then he was telling me about the bone marrow and how it helps make the blood. He was talking about a cow skull they seen at school and all the teeth it had in it and how he wondered what happen to it. Something was said about the ears and nose and he said they are cartilage right? I said yes. He said see I was right sissy was wrong I got to do my victory dance and jumped off the couch and started dancing all around. He said I knew it but she said I was wrong and she was right. He is so funny.

Before it was over he started telling me about Jesus and how they hung him on the cross and put nails in him and things like that. He said but don’t tell anyone that was bad and it isn’t good. He said did you know he can make blind people see? He does this and waved his hand in the air like he was wiping someones face or eyes. Then he went like this and cleaned them and said see and they could. He could also bring people back to life if he wanted too. We have to always trust god and that he is there with us and he won’t hurt us because he promised and if he did hurt us he would be lying and he don’t lie. He told me about how when he was alive they had all these cities and he went to see people in the different ones. He said but sometimes they were far a way one here and then they put another way over there. So Jesus had to have help and he rode to the different cities on his HONKY and helped people.

I know it isn’t funny he has speech problems and can’t pronounce somethings but I couldn’t help but bust out laughing. It he was just talking so a matter of fact like and serious and comes out with he rode on a honky. I am so glad he don’t get upset about things like that. He didn’t get mad at me for laughing. I couldn’t help it. I said he rode a donkey he said yeah. and went on telling me about his honky.

He wants to learn more about Hanuka too. I told him we needed to go talk to our friend Rachel she was raised Jewish and her daughter who is my daughters age goes to Jewish school on Sundays. That is one I don’t know to much about. I know things they do and things but the why and all that I do not know.

I am just amazed sometimes at the things that he comes out and talks about and wants to know more about. He knows a lot about a lot of different things to only be 7 and in the first grade. I am very impressed with his school and the things they teach them at that age just like all the bones in the body and things. He asked me if I knew the names of all the bones I told him I use to but not anymore. He said you probably need to work on that then. I said this is your skull and pointed to his head. He said that’s your cranium. I said yeah your right I forgot they call it that.

I don’t think he noticed that I was crying a lot of the time or trying not too. I take that back I think he did but knew I was trying not to and didn’t say anything. It felt so good to sit there and spend time with him and talk to him about just whatever he wanted to talk about. I feel like I am missing out on so much with them and and I feel like I have been such a horrible mom the last 3 years. I really haven’t been there like I should and they have been threw so much. I try to be there for them I really do and I want to be so bad. How when I am such a mess myself?


9 thoughts on “Nice Talk With My Boy

      1. My friend is Jewish I told her today he would like to talk to her about Hanukkah when she had a little time to sit down and talk. She said sure I will make some foods for him to try too. I was talking to her online. He came in and I told him what she said and she would make some of the foods they eat. He said ok we will go right after breakfast. Couldn’t wait. I had to tell him it was a holiday and he had to give her time if she was going to cook for him too. he said ok. little disappointed.

      2. 🙂

        How come he is so interested in the Jewish thing? Incidentally, I am right now reading a book called Mila 18, which is a Jewish saga from the holocaust.

      3. i am not sure they were probably talking about it in school or something was said about it. They started working on Christmas stuff Tuesday. He is only 7 but he is interested in so much stuff and stuff most kids his age wouldn’t be that interested in.

      4. Yes in ways he is. When he ask about different things like that I try to get him more information and encourage him to keep learning. I am always learning different things. I decide I want to learn something so I will find a class to take. I have trained for so many different things.

  1. With me, I try not to let my emotions consume my focus. Recently, I’ve been learning to let things go. If something is upsetting me, I acknowledge that I’m feeing the emotion (we’re just human, after all) and I take a step back to see what the root cause really is and I address that. By doing this, I don’t let the emotion define me, which is an important point. You are not your emotions.

    Time will continue on, you can’t stop the sun from rising, you can either choose to be happy or you can choose to be miserable. I hope you choose to be happy. Find happiness through the times with your kids, as that they are constantly getting older and the time you have now is more precious, because it’s when you’re playing a key role in defining who they are going to be in the future.

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