Don’t know what made me think of it a little bit ago why I was bathing the boys and getting them ready. Mine and ex’s first Thanksgiving together we didn’t get to spend together. I was 7 months pregnant and had just gotten a job at the little store to make some money. We had to move the first of December and we really needed the extra money. I had been baby sitting my roommates brother but never got the money. His dad just paid my rent every month. He was going to see his parents for thanksgiving and my family was getting together for the day and having dinner and things. I was the only one missing because I had to work a 10 hour shift.

We wanted to have dinner together but it would be after 11 pm. We decided to have our Thanksgiving the night before together. We didn’t do anything but we got a small turkey breast and made some sides we both liked. But it was nice to just have a nice dinner the two of us for the holiday. After that every year we after that we started having our own little Thanksgiving dinner with just the kids and us the night before. I liked it because it was just the 4 of us and no matter what happen the next day how busy we were how much time we got to really sit down together and do stuff our what we had that little bit of time we sat down and had a nice private holiday dinner just us.

I am sad to say my baby boy has never got to have that. I don’t remember us doing our dinner the year he was born we may have. But there was so much going on I am really not sure. I am thinking we didn’t. Then last year ex moved out the day before Halloween so he wasn’t here Thanksgiving. The kids stayed with him and went to his parents with him for Thanksgiving. I spent the day by myself and went out to dinner with my mom sister and her family. This year no one even brought it up. The way things are it just don’t seem like a time we should do it.

It is something I would like to do with my kids still but it just seems out of places seeing as it started with me and ex. I just don’t know. It kind of feels funny to keep it up with him not there. If we get to move like we want to in the next few months we will probably be spending a lot of the holidays just me and the kids anyway seeing as most my family will probably still be down here. So then it would seem odd to have it when we are going to be the only ones there for the day anyway.

I don’t know this year it is to late I guess we will see when next year comes around. Maybe we will bring it back and then have the holiday where we invite friends and things to come over and spend time with them or find a shelter to help at. It will have to be something me and the kids talk about when the time comes and see what works for us. I have to think too that some of the times they will probably be with their dad for the holiday.

Again hope everyone has a Happy and safe Thanksgiving. I am already running late to pick everyone up and get to my moms. But it will be ok I am sure she said 3:30 but she won’t be ready until at least 4 or later. She already called and changed it from 2 to 3:30. She is always late and running behind. That is the one place I can go and not have to rush to get there lol.


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