It was a really nice evening, we went to my moms about 4 today and had dinner with her, her husband, my sister and her family me Gabe and the kids. My grandma and grandpa was there. I hadn’t seen them in over a year probably it was nice seeing them. My grandma was doing really good today and we all talked and watched the kids play.

After we all ate my mom got her Christmas tree out and let the kids put all the stuff on it. Her and my grandma helped them. They had a blast doing that. They all talked her out of something to bring home and put on their tree when they put it up. My big boy begged to come home and put our tree up. It broke my heart to tell him we couldn’t because we may have to move next weekend. We finaley decided we would get the little tiny tresses they put in their rooms out and put them in their rooms until we figure out where we are going and what kind of a tree we can put up. It was so hard to fight back the tears when we were talking about it because I don’t even know where we are going to go when we leave here. I don’t have what we need to get in somewhere new and I don’t know what to do to try and stay where we are. I have to talk to a lawyer and see what I can work out with him and I don’t know if I even have enough to pay him to get anything done and we have to get something done before the 5th and I won’t have money til the 1st. I keep telling myself it is all going to be ok and something always happens and everything will be ok but it is hard to believe it sometimes.

I hate to say it but it was nice to not have my brother and his family there. Or my cuisine and my aunts. They are the ones who always brings the drama or tries to start something when they come. My brother is just rude and never shuts up and lets anything else say a word. His wife or whatever she is just nasty and sits back gives dirty looks and makes snide comments and things. Her kid is so en mature for her age she whines and sits back and acts like her mom. I just want to ask them what their problem is and tell them if they don’t want to be there leave it wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feeling if they did.

Last night I discovered I have a spider bite on my foot. It has been a little sore but nothing big the last few days. I hadn’t really looked at it or thought about it. Then it itched last night and when I touched it I felt two little places. Sure enough it is two little punctured places like a spider bite. It is like I said a little sore, little puffy and slightly discolored. I wasn’t sure when or where it happen. But today I remembered that when I grabbed my boots out of my truck that I have parked last Thursday and put them on something stuck me in the foot there. I couldn’t find it and put them back on. I didn’t look at my foot then because I was in a hurry and had tights on. Forgot about it later. I figure it has been a week that if it was really anything to worry about it would hurt more and be really nasty looking. Guess I am just going to watch it and see if it gets worse or goes a way.

Then tonight I only have to open stuffing and dump it in the pot of boiling water. I manage to burn my finger trying to do that. The pot had foil over it. I wasn’t thinking and just turned it on to boil. When it did and I went to pull the foil off the steam burnt my finger and up under the nail. Leave it to be to injure myself doing something so simple and to not even realize I got a spider bit til a week later.

When I was up there with RC he was all the time asking me how did you get this bruise where do you get that bruise and saying that is really bad it is really dark and things how do you not know how you got them. I didn’t most the time have a clue where I got them. I bruise really easy. Even if I had hit myself on something ran into something or something like that I would be so busy doing whatever else threw the day that I wouldn’t even remember doing it. If I am not bleeding or broke something I don’t take the time to stop and check it all out. I am just so use to it.


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