I have been thinking about filing for disability. I really don’t know if I would have a shot at getting it or not. But with the accident I had a few years ago and all the stuff they say is wrong with my back other than that. I kind of think I would because I am not able to do the jobs that I use to do. I can’t lift things like I use to I don’t have a lot of the strength in my arms and upper body like I use too.  I didn’t get much from the accident everyone says I should have gotten more but a lot of what is wrong is not from that. It is genetic, my  mom has some of the same kinds of problems I have and my aunt I found out on my dads side does too. Even if they didn’t give me full and said I had to work some to it would be better than nothing. I could find something part time even if I had to work in a store or something. I can stand for a little bit just not all day and I wouldn’t be able to do stock and things I would have to cashier or something like that. I have had a lot of people tell me I should try before because of the depression and anxiety and my heart. But I never had a problem with the depression as bad as I have the last few years and no where near as bad as it has been the last year. The heart thing I don’t think would get it at all anyway. Then I had the accident and messed my back and neck up they said try because of that. But at the time I was working I missed a few days and took off early a few days when it first happen but other than that I was able to do my job. It was in a office and I sat most all day if I needed to get up and stand I could or walk around some. It really wasn’t a problem. But then I got laid off. I didn’t have all the problems with my back as I do now then. I just had hurt it in the accident. I have always liked to work and wanted to work so I didn’t want to get on something like that and them tell me I couldn’t work or could only work a few hours a month or something. But now with the way things are and as bad as they are saying my back is I feel like maybe I should go and file.

I know of so many people that use to come into different jobs I had or who lived around me different places who were on it. Most of them had nothing wrong with them at all. If they had something it was something that was hard to prove or disprove. I know of a lot of older people who have worked for years and all their life who are really sick and need it and have to fight and get lawyers and everything else and to get it. Then some of these people get around better than me. I asked them if it was hard to get and things like that or how they got it because they seemed ok. They say oh just go down there apply tell them whatever is wrong with you because you are going to get turned down anyway. When they turn you down reapply after the 3 or 4th time you apply they get tired of dealing with you and they will give it to you. I thought this had to be a joke or mistake. But I have had so many many many people tell me that over the years. But then here I sit with the problems I do have and still go to work and want to work. Right now I am having such a hard time finding something and I know a lot of it is because I can’t do all the pulling lifting and things like that that I use to do. That is what it is there for people who can no longer do the jobs they are use to doing. I wouldn’t even care if they turned me down and wanted to train me to do something else instead. I seen on their site it said that sometimes they will retrain you instead of giving it to you. At this point I would do that because if I knew more on the computer or something like that I would get a job doing something like that. I would rather work but if I can’t because of this I have for years my ex has for years my dad and things have and paid into all these people who basically tell you they have nothing wrong with them but they just give it to them to get them to go a way why I don’t feel as bad about going down there and at least trying.

The worst they can do is say no. I won’t be any worse off than I am now. The best they can do is say yes and even if I end up somewhere in the middle and they retrain me. I won’t be worse off I will at least be a little better off than I am now. I keep telling myself not to do it and a job will come along and things but I been looking for 6 months and can’t find one. The longer I put it off the longer it will take to get it started. Then I could be worse off because if I don’t find a job and haven’t applied then I could maybe be getting something that I’m not that could be helping.

I just don’t know half of me says do it and the other half says don’t. I for whatever reason feel like I don’t deserve to get it or shouldn’t get it even if they say I should. I don’t know why I feel that way but I do. I tell myself it isn’t like I am just going and getting something with out anyone knowing. I have to go threw all their stuff and they have to decide if they think I should get it or not and if they think something is bad enough wrong then what shouldn’t I get it? I have worked and paid in off and on since I was 14 years old. I should have it if they say I should as much as the next person. But I never do or get things for myself so I guess this kind of goes along with that. I am going to think about it the next few days and decide what to do. If I am going to apply I need to do it now because it takes at least 6 months from the time you apply before you can get your first check. But if they say you get it they back pay you from the day you applied.

What do you think should I apply or shouldn’t I?


6 thoughts on “Disability What To Do

  1. Getting disability is very difficult. The government uses their own doctors to examine you. I’m not sure everyone has been telling you the truth. But if you have worked recently that will be used against you, since it proves you can work. If you receive full disability you can still work and earn something like $900 a month. It could take up to and over two years to get disability if you don’t have solid disabling illnesses. I think it is unusual for people to “keep filing over and over until they get tired of you.” The way it works is you file, it takes up to six to eight months for the first decision, (80% are the first time) if you are declined you appeal, this is usually the only time a lawyer will step in, up until now it is you who has done all the work, but now for the appeal they step in and it may take several appeals before you win the case, if you win at all and then the lawyer takes 25% or more of the settlement which includes the “back pay” you wrote about. You are looking for two year for a maybe. And then what? $600 a month income? $800? Then you have to wait two years from your award date to get Medicare. For Medicare you pay $110 or so out of your “check” for the coverage. Then you pay a yearly deductible. Then you pay 20% co-pay of all doctors and medical bills. All out of your $600 to $800. You can ask Social Security to give you the print out of how much you would collect on Disability so you would know up front, it is based upon the best 10 year of employment. People who made close to $50,000 a year range between $1,000 to $1,300 give or take so living on disability is tough, your only advantage is compensation for the kids which ends after they turn of age or stop school. The government is keenly away of people unable to find jobs because of the economy filing for Disability and they are cracking down on it and going back to investigating current case loads of previous awarded, In addition blogging could be hazardous as well since pubic forums can be and will be used against you if they find something that contradicts written statements to the government. I’m not trying to help you decide one way or the other here, that’s really up to you and you alone. I’m simply trying to give you a pretty good idea what you will be up against in the shortest way I know how. I suggest before you do anything, collect all of you medical records as far back as possible, all your employer records, go online and search from the government sites the Social Security Disability sites and do as much research as possible, as soon as you possibly can. An alternative you might want to consider is checking into your state’s Vocational Rehabilitation and see if you qualify for rehabilitation, you’d work and you’d get better insurance, you may even qualify for a government job where they hire disabled people who can work limited jobs, the advantage is more money than disability but jobs that aren’t so challenging to your condition. Sorry about the fast writing, I hope this helps. Good luck and be glad you didn’t have those back pain injections that killed so many people. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you for all the info. I am not going to keep reapplying if I did apply and get turned down. I figured I would just apply if I get it I get it if I don’t I don’t. I would rather work but when I go for training and things they tell me I need to get the pell grant and it only pays if it is over so many clock hours and most vocational things don’t meet it. Most everything they want to send you to do is in the medical field. I am not a person that can handle that kind of thing. I can do a lot but that is just not something I could do. I haven’t worked since 2010 I got laid off and couldn’t find anything. my ex was working and we were doing ok. We found out we were having a baby and my youngest had autism so I have stayed home to take care of them and things for the last few years. I have been looking the last year and haven’t had any luck. I hurt daily from my back but thought it was all from where I got hit. Then when i went to the doctor this last time about it he gave me a report that shows I have all this other stuff wrong with it not just from the accident. It is slowly getting worse and worse. I know what you mean about so much of it going to the medical and things. My dad started getting his last year and is waiting to get the medical but he can hardly make it on what he gets now I don’t know what he is going to do when he has to pay all of that. he gets the higher end because he has worked forever and was hardly ever out of work in all the years I can remember maybe 6 months a long time ago. Another reason I haven’t went before because I don’t figure I will make that much to start with. It is much easier to work if I can find something I can do. again thank you for all the information.

      1. Thanks for the reply. My heart bleeds for you and your children and other women and children like you. The thing about dealing with the government is the double-standard and the dog with two personalities, one that wants to cuddle up and love you and the other that wants to devour you. It’s stressing enough for people. There is so much to be done that is not being done. There are so many problems to solve and so many ways to solve them, but we don’ t really have the leadership to lead us into solving them. Jobs are the only way out of poverty and good jobs are the only way out of rat holes. Remember this, it is essential; one of two things–or both things–have to be done in order to escape falling deeper into poverty, especially when inflation hits and income remains the same and prices of everything else goes up. You have to increase your income and/or reduce your spending. You have to find a way to do one of those two things or both. That’s hard, I know. Get your stuff out of pawn and sell them. It is better to take a loss than to lose them at zero money to pawn shops. Use Craigslist. Make a separate, new e-mail account you use just for Craigslist to avoid all the spam you get. Go through your things and sell what you don’t really, truly need. You can always buy it new or used again. Start shopping at dollar or 99 cent stores, visit thrift shops, there are lots of ways from slipping deeper into poverty, but above all stay strong and remain positive. As far as low paying jobs if you are lucky to land one, consider this, if you work hard and are a good worker, someone, another business owner might come along and like you and hire you for more money. The exposure is better than none. I’m really sorry you have to live so close to the edge in the despair of such a gloomy economy. Truly good luck and keep writing, even if you have to do it in another “private” blog, it helps reduce the depression build up and frustration. Best wished.

      2. I have reduced down to nothing. I truly have nothing left but mine and my kids clothes and few personal things. Some pots and pans and my crib my truck. Other than that no beds couches tv’s or anything else. I have my lights phone and rent to pay and my internet truck payment.

        I moved over the summer so I wouldn’t be in this spot when it came time for the house to go up to action. Only to be thrown out a few months later. I had money coming in and he was working we could make it on what we had. So between us we had 5 kids I stayed home with them. I ended up paying my half of things and part of his personal bills. Then thrown out with my kids and no where to go. so he could move his ex from 9 years ago back in with him.

        If i had just gotten a job then and worked things out differently I could have gotten a place to live and not been in this spot. But I decided to trust someone else and try to make a new life for all of us.

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