I have to brag on my big boy he was so good today when everything was going on in the store. He was such a help too and didn’t get upset or scared. I feel bad we had to leave with out getting his stuff. I felt so bad. Soon as I told him I didn’t feel good and we needed to go home he came right with me and went to get in line. Then when I started blacking out and was trying to get help he came over and stood there by me when I was sitting in the floor. My I was behind my friends card she had I had grabbed it and was leaning on it holding on to it. She was standing behind me. He came over and stood on the other side so I was behind all them and people couldn’t really see me or step on me. I couldn’t tell them anything more than I was going out and needed to sit. I could hear him telling them my mommy’s head hurts and she can’t see or hear. He said and my mommy is going to have another baby she has a baby in her belly right now. I heard someone say she is pregnant now she is going to have another baby. I heard them telling him it’s ok and that’s probably why mommy is sick it happens sometimes when you are going to have a baby. I think they were afraid he was going to get scarred or upset too.

When I finally got to where I could talk to them they had a chair there and he was holding my hand and my arm trying to get me up. He said here mommy they brought you a chair you should get up. They told him leave me right there for a bit make sure I was ok they didn’t want me to try to get up and fall or fall out of the chair. I gave him money and told him go get us a drink and he got them went though the line and paid for them. He come back I had made it up and into the chair. He said to the lady hold this I am going to massage my mommy’s back I think that will help and he come over rubbing my back and talking to me.

Once he seen I was ok and someone was coming he started talking to my friend and her friend that worked there. He was telling them all about all the bones in your body and everything. My friend she has two daughters a little bit younger than me who have kids. She said you need to come over to my house and teach all the kids from my girls on down.

I was afraid he was going to want to stay at the hospital with me but he didn’t he listen right to me and let my friend drop him off at my sisters. I figured he would really get upset when I told him to let her drop him off.

He was truly my Big Boy today. I am so glad I didn’t take my other two with me. It would have been a mess. I had just felt weird all day like something wasn’t right.


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