{November 29, 2012}   Seen The Doctor Today

I finally got to see a doctor today. She wasn’t for the baby but she checked a little anyway and said that I was measuring  right on track. They did the u/s and everything Sunday and said in general everything looked good.

She looked at everything they did in the ER Sunday and said it all looked great. I told her about my heart that they wanted me to get my kindey’s tested and things like that but I never got too. She said all that looked really really good. She didn’t see anything to be worried about. She said that what happen Sunday could be from stress that it isn’t common but could happen. That there is nothing major wrong with anything they were not to worried about it. I told her about the anxaity and the depression. We talked about treating it or not. She said she knew how she felt and what she thought but asked what I thought about it. I told her I really felt like this was bad and that I really needed to be treated but that I was also worried about the baby and the effects it could/would have. She said she worked in OB for 7 years and dealt with this kind of things a lot when she did. She said didn’t feel there was really a worry there. We decided to go ahead and try something. I pick it up today and start it. I really like this doctor she is really nice and spent a lot of time talking to me. She didn’t just rush in and rush out.

I got to go my boy has gotten off the bus. The internet is down at home so I probably won’t be posting again until around this time tomorrow when I can use the net at Mc Donald’s why I wait for him.

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