We have spent every night and most days moving since Saturday. We thought we found a place and moved most everything in Saturday. Only for the owner to come over Sunday and tell us we had 24 hours to get out. We had to pull all our stuff out of there Sunday and put it in storage. We have spent the rest of the week cleaning out the rest of the house and taking it to storage. We are staying with a friend and are going to have to go stay with my mom who is almost 50 miles or more from the kids schools work and everything. We are trying to find somewhere fast so that they don’t lose their pets. It is hard considering that everything just happen with our house. Most people don’t want to talk to us or give us a place.

Ex’s dad said he will co sign and pay deposites but he is taking his time. We found some places I told ex give him the number to them and to let him call to set a time to meet the people up. He refused too said for us to do it and he would come. I told him I didn’t know when he was or wasn’t able to come he said just do it he would. I talked to a lady yesterday and set up to go look at 3 places. Ex called and told him he said oh he couldn’t come. Knowing that we have no where to go staying with people and that the kids are about to lose their pets. I am so mad. We met the lady and looked at them anyway and found one we really want. It is a little more than what we wanted to pay but it is on sewer so we will save about $50 or more a month there and it is only 2 miles to the school and 3 miles to the bus so only 12 miles a day to take them to and from. I will save a ton on gas. That will make up the extra $75 or so. We were figuring on city water and sewer. I only pay about $35 for just water so we will save a lot there.

He said he would come meet her today but we are waiting to hear back from her to see if the owner will consider us or not. If he will then we give her all the app fees and credit check fees and the first months rent. As long as everything comes back ok then we get it. If it don’t then we will get our money back and have to start over. I just pray we get it.

It is a really nice 3 bedroom 2 bath, it has a fireplace and the grearge has been closed into a big room. Me or ex will take that room and use it for a bedroom and the girls will share a room and the boys will share a room. It has a huge privacy fenced in backyard with a big shed. I love that I can lock the gate and let the kids and dogs go out run and play all day if they want. The shed is great too so that I have a place to keep their bikes and outside toys.

The only thing I don’t like is it is a eat in kitchen with the dinning area in the kitchen. It has a big bay window in there also. The area for the table isn’t very big but I can make it work considering the rest of the house is perfect. I loved it in on the bay window there are curtains hanging up. They said coffee on them and different stuff and had cups of coffee on them. I have collected a lot of different things for my new kitchen over the last year or so. I collected stuff to do a cafe theme in there. They would go perfect with the stuff I have and my theme. When we left my girl told ex daddy I been praying for a place with a fire place.

If the lady gets back with me today and we get our paper work filled out and his dad comes and does what he is supposed to we could be in there by Friday or Monday. I really need to be in there by Monday. I sent her the email she asked for and everything this morning. Just waiting to hear back. I have to go to the doctor for the baby finally today I am going to call her and see if the owner is willing to work with us and if we can meet her and pay her today. Got to get off here and head to the doctor soon, got to feed baby before I go my tummy is talking. Just wanted to give a little update since I have been missing for a while.


2 thoughts on “Things Are Not Looking Good

    1. Thanks a lot. The lady called us back tonight and said that the owner had already put a contract on the house. It drives me crazy because they are supposed to put it on the site if there is one pending or what and a lot of the times people won’t. So then you spend a day or two waiting to hear back only to find out it has been taken. We are going to look at 2 more tomorrow and waiting to hear back on another one that we looked at Wednesday. we looked at 3 then.

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