Today was just another waste of gas. We went to look at 4 places. One wasn’t where I thought it was. It was kind of small had electrical problems and was in a very well known flood area. It had a great back yard but no door or windows to see into it. So then I would still have to be sitting right there with them why they play. The flooding and electrical was not even a option so it didn’t really matter about the yard.

The second one was gone the 3rd one I couldn’t believe they even listed it on the MLS. It was dirty needed to be painted needed new carpet and more. It was very small and didn’t have air the heat didn’t look like it was that good. They weren’t in the are I wanted to be in but only a few miles from our house we just moved from. It would cost me more in gas to move back to that area vs. going up to where we been staying and looking.

We went back up to by where we want to be and looked for a house a friend told us about today. She said she seen it yesterday but the sign was gone when we got there today. I went by another one that was across from one of the first we were looking at. I seen the people were moving out of it when we were over there. Figured maybe I would talk to them see if it was up for rent or what. I didn’t see anyone around it either.

I guess if nothing comes up tomorrow we are going to go back to the one that we really didn’t want and give her the money and things for it. If we give her the paper tomorrow then we could have a key by Tuesday or Wednesday.

I just want to get my kids into a house they can relax, have their stuff have a room and not worry about where we are going to live.

My big boy made me cry the other night. We were at my friends and he didn’t want to put the tree up with them. I went in and was talking to him. He said he was upset about the move and not having anywhere to go, but that it was ok now because we had moved there with our friend. I told him we hadn’t moved in there we were just staying for a night or two. He said then we just need to go back to our old house and put our stuff back there and put our Christmas stuff up. He is really having a hard time with everything that is going on.

I just want to get settled in and be done with it all too. I love my friend and thank god for them. They have been so very good to me and my kids and helped us. But I don’t like staying with people and I don’t like people staying with me. I guess we have to go back to my moms and stay tomorrow. I need to get some stuff that we left down there. Then stay with my friend for the week again once she gets back. I am so unhappy and miserable right now. More and more depressed every day.

Every time I check for a place there are less and less places in the area we need to be in. Tonight I looked and didn’t see anything. I feel like we are never going to get a place.


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