We ended up going back to our old place and sleeping on the floor last night. There was just no where for us here. By the time we decided to do that and then had to get up to take ex to work we got about 5 hours of sleep. Wish they would have told him he didn’t have to work today when they called everyone else we could have slept a few more hours.

We are back at my sisters house. I promised the kids we would go to the Christmas parade today. We have went every year since I had my big girl. We use to live here at the same apartments that my sister lives in now. It goes right down her road, we just walk outside and can see it from her door. We walk up to the end of the street and watch it most the times so the kids can see it better. They love to get the candy see their friends who are in it and pet the animals as they come by. Even after we moved the last 5 years we come over early that morning before they close the street down and go out with them and watch it. I am trying to keep things the same as much as I can for them with everything else going on. And keep the holiday fun for them. Just like going to the toy run last weekend. We have always gone to it also. It runs right by about a block a way from us. The toy run goes down the main high way. The parade goes down the less busy little street here by the house. When they have either one you are pretty much stock until til it is over so you may as well go watch it.

I feel like I have all this stuff to do and like I need to be up and doing it. But at the same time there really isn’t anything I can do until we get a place but look for a place. I can only hit refresh on the computer and hope that someone adds something that we can get and the people will work with us. But I do it about a zillion times a day threw the day just to make sure nothing new is added and so that if something is added I can be one of the first to call and see if before it gets rented.

Once I get a place I have that huge room full of stuff to move go threw get rid of and put a way. I can’t believe that all I have left is our personal stuff holiday stuff and things like that and still have a room that big full. The only thing I have left furniture wise is my crib the chest to go with it, and a small table chairs I got when I was with RC so the kids had a table. A lot of the stuff I wanted to leave or give a way like I did with so much other stuff but it came to the point I didn’t have time to get it all gone threw before we had to get the stuff out. I hope the place we get has a shed, carport, garage or something like that. I am going to throw it all in there and me and my friend are going to go threw it all and organize it. Then go threw what we are getting rid of and give to her friend who works with kids or call a thrift store or somewhere and have them pick up whats left that is good. Her friend works with babies and kids born addicted to drugs or have dissabillities. A lot of them don’t have a lot of stuff and need things so she collects it and gives it to them. I have lots of clothes for kids and toys that are going to be going that are in really good shape and nice stuff. We are going to load it an take it to her. She will be so excited to get it for them and they will be so happy to get it. My kids will be so happy they helped others who needed stuff or who wanted something and wasn’t able to get it for some reason.

I can tell my kids to go threw their toys and clothes they need to start getting rid of some stuff. My big boy will put all his new stuff out there to give a way. I have to go back threw it and keep him stuff or he wouldn’t have any. I tell him you have to keep some stuff too. He will say I played with it a lot someone else would like to have it.

I feel like I should go out and look for a place to move but I have a few times and wasted a lot of gas. I don’t have a lot to put into gas right now and I don’t find anything that isn’t on criagslist or the MLS. I just don’t know going to try not to stress about it go to the parade with my family and enjoy the morning then I will have plenty of time after that to worry and stress about everything.



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