Very over not having a place to stay. I love my friend and thank God for her and her family every day because she has been there for me more than anyone just about. But I am about to lose my mind having to stay with someone. I am not use to not being able to do what I want to do and having to think about so many other people when I want to do something. I can’t just sit down an relax for the day if I want too. Like this week after being up all hours of the night I just wanted to sleep with my little guy for a while why the bigger kids were at school. But I can’t because I am at someone else house. If I just want to bum around the house in my pj’s I can’t. I am getting up way earlier than I have to or do most days and still not sleeping at night. I feel more stressed than before.

We have looked at about 5 houses and checked into even more online. our top 4 picks have all been rented by someone else. People don’t want to work with us or whatever the problem is. The only place we have found is right on a main road it don’t sit that far off the road. The front yard isn’t fenced and only half the back yard is so if the kids of dogs get out they are right in the road. I just don’t like it the house is a nice house just not laid out to work very well for us or room that we really need. But it is the only place so far that isn’t taken and the person is willing to work with us. If we wait to long it may be rented out. It comes down to what we can get not what we need or want really.

My friend went out of town we are staying at my sisters tonight. She has a supper small place with 4 people in it already and now added 5 people to it. She has a couch and two beds. They are full so now i guess I have to sleep in the chair or the tile floor. I just want to lay down in my bed and get a good nights sleep. Maybe a few days worth of sleep. But I know that isn’t in my cards anytime soon. We have moved stuff every day since last Saturday and if we move anytime soon then we have to spend time moving more going threw everything and getting settled. So it will be days more moving.

I am sick of not having the stuff I need for my self an the kids living out of bags boxes and cars. I have almost no close for them or myself after moving it from the house to the new place and then having to pull everything out and put it in storage. I have a 15×20 storage and it is full still have stuff that needs to go in it. The baby is so unhappy and misreable he isn’t use to this. I don’t have a place anywhere to take him and lay down that people aren’t around and things. He is so tired and upset. He is cranky all day all the time. I feel like all I do is get after him for getting into stuff. I am so sleepy right now I can’t lay down and go to sleep. I have no where he wants too he don’t really have anywhere either.


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