The lady we have been working with trying to find a house called and asked if we would meet her at one she thought would work for us. It is 3 bed 1 1/2 bath. The master has a half bath and it has a door that opens to the hall bath. It has a nice yard that is fenced all the way around the house. I really like the yard and the huge porch that it has. It isn’t just screened it has windows all the way around. If you put a regular door up it would almost be another room. The only thing I really didn’t like is the fact that the 3rd bedroom is closed off from the rest of the house. It is almost like having a studio apartment. Two of the bedrooms are on the far left of the house. The other is on the right. You go in this door off of the living room into a room there is a closet laundry room and then you go around the corner to a set of stairs that go around and up. You go up to a loft room area. It has a door that goes out to the yard down stairs. I don’t like the idea of 2 of the kids being closed off up there. Or me being closed off up there and not being able to hear them. even if you leave the door open they are a ways a way. I wanted a yard with the wood fence but I like how this one is fenced all the way around not just the back.

We are thinking about taking it anyway. If I have a porch like that somewhere half or a little less would be made into a play room. I want the toys out of the bedrooms. I can set it up really nice out there and they can play our there. With a yard like that the kids will be out there playing. They will be outside and in the playroom more than in the bedrooms. We are thinking that I can have a room the 3 kids can have a room and ex could have the loft room up there. The baby can go into my room. My middle may end up with ex because he don’t like to be alone. I am thinking that the little room that is under the loft making it a place my oldest can have her stuff and a place she can go to get a way from the other kids if she wants. I thought about putting the kids dressers out there since it is right there by the laundry room. Then I can just wash fold and stick them in their draws and they won’t have the dressers in their room taking up space just their beds.

I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to let the dogs run the yard because the one can jump the fence and the other can climb the fence. He just grabs onto it and climbs up it and falls over. But then me and ex were talking last night. I have one of the electric fences at the other house. If I go back before they lock the door I can get the box and collar for it. Then I just have to buy the wire to run since the one at the other house is berried in the ground. I wouldn’t berry it this time I would take it and weave it threw the fence since it is chain link fence. Then they will stay in the fence and can run with the kids. my big dog needs to get out and run she is getting so fat.

I would rather have something they all have their own room but if this is the best I can do they will be ok for 6 months to a year. I want to see if I can get them the little bunk bed with the dresser and shelf under it and get them each their own bed set for it. They can have their own space to decorate.

I don’t know I am praying that something else comes up today that will fit what we need better. We still haven’t heard back on if the people will even consider us. The listing says no pets but the lady seemed to think that they would be willing to work with us and let us have the dogs. She told them my son has autism that they had grew up with them and they were like his thearpy dogs they are his comfort and consistent thing that is always there right now with everything going on. They are kind of like service dogs in a way. The house has been empty for a while so if they really want someone in it and we are willing to take it for at least a year I am hoping that if nothing comes threw they will consider it. I think alot of people don’t want it because the houses around it are empty. We don’t have anyone on either side of us across from us or behind us. The yard on one side of us is grown up and a mess a lot of people I am sure don’t like that either. But I can call the bank that owns it and tell them it is a hassard to the other houses around it and that it needs cut. They should come out and take care of it they are supposed to. If not and I have problems with snakes if I call the county or code enforcement they will have them clean it up or do it and charge them for it. I am not worried about having people around me.

I can walk to my middles bus stop in about 5 minutes or less if I wanted to or had too. I can walk to the little dollar store, parts store drug store, MC Donald’s, and a little pizza place all with in 5 minutes or less. They are all right around the bus stop. There is a little park around the corner in the neighborhood also. They have a few swings and a little play area that is good size for my 2 year old and a big field the kids can play ball in. We could walk to it in less than 5 minutes. I could walk my oldest to school if I needed to it isn’t as safe of a walk as it is to the other places but it isn’t far. We have to go out on the main streets and over the tracks and it is farther a way. The other places we can go right down the back streets and across the parking lot. But I am not to worried about that I most always have my truck and if I don’t I have a few friends that could pick her up or drop her off for me.

All I can do is wait and see and look to see what else comes open. I seen a house over the weekend I would like to see but the people were just moving out of it. I don’t know if it is theirs and they are moving for some reason or what. Not sure if who ever has it rents it out their self or if they go threw someone to do it. Wondering how long it will take them to get it ready and up for rent or if they even are going to. I have been going by it when I am in that area. If I seen someone out their I would stop and ask them about it. I would be willing to go in and clean it paint it or whatever the needs to be done if they wanted to make a deal on the rent or deposited  I have painted, cleaned, put carpet and laminate floor in before so I know how to do it and should still have the tools to do it. If it needs lights or fans ex can do that too. We painted the bedrooms and things of our house. I was over there the night we closed on our house painting the kids rooms so they would be ready when we moved our stuff in. We changed the floors in it. Ripped out the old ones scrapped them and laid carpet and put the wood type floor in the rest of the house. I have pictures of it all to show them so they know we know how to do it. I just want to find something and have a key by Wednesday or Thursday.


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