Just what I didn’t need or want to do take another trip to the ER. This time it was for my Big boy. He got out of the shower and came running threw my friends house she had  just mopped. He slid and fell down busted his head open on the tile floor. I thought it was one of her older girls. I was on the computer looking at houses and looked just in time to see hair and arms flying in the air. Then hear the crack. He jumped up and was crying. I pulled his hair back on the back of his head my hand and his back was covered in blood no longer than it took for him to stand up and me to try and look at it. My friend grabbed a towel to put over and a blanket. He just had his shorts on.  Ex tried to give him one of his shirts to put on he had was going to wear it to bed. He didn’t want to because he didn’t want it to hit his head or the towel. I said it’s ok it has a big hole for your head to go threw it won’t bother your head. He flipped out and started crying. Then he starts yelling oh god there is a big hole in my head my brain is going to fall out. I had to explain to him what we were talking about and try to get him to understand but he was so worked up and upset that he wasn’t listening. Finally when we got outside and started to get in the truck I got him calmed down. He wanted me to sit with him and hold his towel for him so I did. He still wasn’t sure how bad it was and worried his brain was going to fall out. He said hold it with both hands on the towel. 

We got there he didn’t want them to take the towel off then he said ok they could but what ever they did he didn’t want to see any blood or he would cry. It really upsets him if him or someone else gets hurt. They took it off it had stopped bleeding it didn’t look that bad. I didn’t figure they would even want to do anything to it. He was telling them please don’t staple my head with paperclips. The doctor said he had to put two in. He got really upset and started telling him he didn’t want him to do it and stuff. Something was said about glue or something and he said I might be able to do something else. He came back cut his hair and glued it. Told him not to get it wet for 24 to 48 hours or so. The doctor told him he would need to get a baseball cap lol. He started I don’t want a bald spot. 

He said he didn’t want to tell BB about it he might cry. I said we can tell her about it you will be ok she is going to know she was there when it happen she is going to see it. I said we will tell her how brave you where when they glued it and stuff. He said well I was scared a little bit. 

We got home and my friends husband asked him what lesson he learned from all this. He said to be brave. Instead of not to run in the house. He was so cute. He is telling everyone I got this thing in my head and it is gluing my head together and it has to stay there for a few days and can’t get wet. Then it will fall off and my head will be better. 



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