{December 17, 2012}   Stalked

As I am sure most of you have noticed I haven’t really put any personal information on here. I haven’t put my name or even simple things like location. I don’t use my name or names of my kids, friends or family on here either. I don’t want anything on here to make it possible to tie it back to me. I have shared it with very few friends and family even. That is mostly because I want to say what ever I want here with out feed back from all of them. I get enough of that from them as it is. I can be more open and honest on here than with many of them. I get better feedback here than from most of them. The ones I have shared it with are like the rest of you they give feedback they are open and honest but don’t try to force their view as the only way.

Yes I do write about our lives and things like that and that is personal but with out names and locations it is pretty hard for someone to tie it back and know it is me. I don’t know that this person would ever find it on here but all the stuff they have found out and know it wouldn’t surprise me. They have gotten phone numbers that were listed in other people’s names that were unlisted and all kinds of stuff. They know where my kids and my sister went to school and all kinds of things. Every time we move they know where we move. They have called and talk to my grandparents before. But they told them they were from the school. We figured they already knew but wasn’t sure. But that’s how we found out they knew where they went to school. Because they said that is where they were from and wanted info about us. We called the school they know us and the kids very well and they said no one from there needed any info and had not called.

This keeps them from finding it but most of all I don’t want someone else to find it and get any info about me or my family. You see for many years most my life that I can remember we have been stalked. I never thought of it that way until years ago the police said that if they could ever catch the person they would be charged with stalking instead of something else because it would carry more of a punishment and things with it. They have done so much.

We have moved many times set traps waited up and all kinds of stuff to try and catch them. The cops have hidden all around our house and the area around us watching for them and could never catch them. No joke this person sometimes would come two or three times in one week and as soon as the cops would set up and sit back and watch he wouldn’t come. We figured out what days and times he was mostly to come and everything. The cops would hide in trees sheds and all over the place with no cars around and he still never came.

My mom followed a guy once until the cops got there to get him. He had been looking in the window and even got in the truck. When it was all said and done he wasn’t the right person. He was just out robbing cars that night and looked in the window to see if anyone was up or where they were. They figured out he wasn’t the one who had done it all along because he had just gotten out of prison not long before that and it went on why he was there.

They do stupid stuff and things to let you know they were there. They use to knock on the window and run. By the time you could get up and look they were gone. Like they wanted you to wake up and know they were there. We have found bottles they left outside the windows and smokes. We have had them throw stuff at the house like chunks of block if they couldn’t get to the house. They would bring it with them because it wouldn’t be anything from around us and when we lived at different places it would be the same kind of block at different places we lived. They would even call us on the phone when we would come home from places. They got to where they would call me and my mom at work when we worked different places. They would never say anything but they would call and hang there until you hung up. They would call as soon as you walked in the door like to let you know they knew you just got home. You could never trace the call and the number never showed up on caller id.

I am positive I have probably talked to them more than once. With working in the stores by my house and different places around that are public places that I deal with people all day all the time. I would never know if they walked up to me and started talking to me or went through my line. I think this is why they never say anything on the phone afraid we might figure it out.

They had started coming back around again bad last year when ex moved out. RC was here a few times and went out to try and see who it was. He went all threw back yards and things and couldn’t catch them. It had stopped for a while when I called the police and went around talking to others who lived around me and asked them to start watching. I have noticed someone being out there again since I been back here the last few months. The other night my aunt was here and stayed til late. I walked out to the street to her car with her. We were standing there talking. I could hear someone waking around the back yard of the house next to me. No one lives there. By the time I got inside and went out the back to look around and get my phone they were gone again. It’s bad because everyone says get a dog but I have had three dogs now over the years and they just get use to them being there. I don’t know if they are sneaking around and feeding them or what. Or maybe the dogs have just gotten so use to them always being there. I know they have hit my big dog before so she is probably scared of them.

I am going to get a gun just as soon as I can. My dad was here the other day and he was telling me he had one or two he was going to give me that he got from my grandpa. I don’t like the idea of a gun but at this point I don’t know what else to do when the dogs aren’t afraid of them and they have tried coming in my house more than once with us in it. I know they have even been in my house when I wasn’t here. I have no clue how they get in or out because the place is locked up just as it was when I left. But things have been moved I can smell cologne or smells like someone who works with oil and grease in a shop with cars. No one around me does that no one in my house does. I come in it smells like someone has smoked through my house. I smell it strong. It isn’t like the air is pulling it in or something like that because it is off when I am not home. Plus you smell nothing outside the house. But I come home and my house smells like it all the way through it. A few times money has been missing. Nothing big change or a couple of dollars that got laid down. Just things to let you know they were there and so you know they were in your house.

A few times I have come home and found my door open. Of course the police come out go through the house say no one is here nothing is missing we don’t know who it was or maybe you just didn’t close it good and go on. The houses on both sides of me are empty and everyone else works so no one sees anything. It takes the cops forever to get here when you do call them so I feel that at this point with me and my kids being alone and me having to take care of my kids and protect us a gun is the best option. I have a few big knifes but they have to get so close to you before you can use a knife and could take it a way from you by that point. I am going to be signing my kids up for a kids gun safety class also. I will keep it put up but I would like them to still know in case. I also have to get a cancelled weapons permit because I want to have it with me when I am out. I am not so much worried about being out and something happening. But what if I come home and they are in my house waiting for me. What am I going to do say oh hold on let me go get my gun. I don’t think that is going to work.

I am not going to live my life in fear and stop doing things or be afraid to live by myself. But I am not going to be stupid either and not have some kind of protection knowing this is going on. I will still get up and go out all hours of the night if I don’t have the kids. If I can’t sleep and decide I want something from the little store or want to go shopping and get it done why there isn’t a ton of old people wandering around in the AM or kids running around in the after noon and why I don’t have my kids. I get up and go. My mom and ex have a fit and my friend I can’t believe you do that and you know we have this problem and how things are anyway with crime around. But like I said I am not going to live in fear but I am not stupid either. I park close to the store and things I watch around me. I am always looking around for anyone or anything that don’t seem right. I keep my truck locked up tight all the time. Heck sometimes I go sit at the boat ramp at night when there is nothing to do and I just feel like getting out and thinking. But I don’t get out I park and sit there in the truck. If someone comes up I can drive a way. I park so that I can’t get blocked in and even then I watch what is going on around me. Who is coming and going if someone seems to get close and things like that. Plus the copes sit down there all the time any way so they are in and out of there and everyone knows that too. It is lit up like a football field for what it is and the small area it is. So it isn’t hard to see all that is going on. But that is why I put a lot out there about me and my life but basic stuff isn’t out there. I am sure if they really wanted to there is probably some way they could find it but I don’t think it would be that easy or something they would really want to take the time to do. But I know if I put names of places and people or my name anywhere on here all they have to do is punch my name in and search and find it very easy.

You can read more about what has went on or is going on in my other post here Tired Of Being Watched and Followed

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