A fast update since I have to leave to get my daughter in just a few minutes. Tomorrow is the last day of school so that means we will be moving from where we are staying now to about 50 miles or more a way if we can’t get in a house by the weekend. I REALLY don’t want to do this it means staying with my mom and her husband. I know he don’t like having us there and it is small. He isn’t use to having little kids around.

We went and looked at one of the houses we looked at the other weekend again and gave them the money for the credit check and the paper work they needed. But now I am waiting on them to get ex’s paper work from his job. He has been try to get them to give him a paper saying he works X hours a week at X amount. Just to show proof of income. But they say everything has to come from home office that is in some state forever a way from here. The women he has to talk to about it never gets back to him no matter how many times we call and leave a message. We waited for hours to get it yesterday and I guess she just went home and didn’t do it. I am going to call and complain here soon if she don’t get something faxed over today. He is trying to see if his box can just sign something for him. They said they will take bankĀ statements where it shows it goes into his bank every other week for the last 3 months. But with being sick having a death and all this going on with moving he had been working part time. He wants them to show that he has went back to full time or we probably won’t get it.

I have to take the dogs to the vet and get their rabies shot tonight too so that I can turn that in. They won’t even run the credit report until we get all this turned in. All though the day we gave them the paper work and the money they didn’t say we needed this upfront they said they would need it after they ran it so we had time to get it. Now they want it upfront.

I have been sick with this head cold that is going around and feel horrible. My teeth are trying to start hurting and bother me. I think it is from the cough drops I been taking for my cold. I am so sleepy I can’t stand it. I am trying to help around here and do things and run around and get all the stuff they want and get it turned in. If we get it all turned in and they tell us no I don’t know what I will do. I will cry I know. I just want to be in a place of our own so that I can get back on track with the kids and we are able to have things the way we are use to them being. I was starting to think things were turning around but now I am not sure with the way things are going with the paper work. I had started to get a little hope and a little excited about being in somewhere in the next day or two. Now I am starting to feel a little down again and worry.


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