{December 20, 2012}   District Wide Threat at The Schools

When I picked my big girl up at school yesterday I had to go sign her out at the office. The principal came out to the cars in the loop and was telling all the parents that there was a district wide threat to all the schools in the area. She didn’t say what just that there was a threat made. I came home a read online that there was a man who went in a bank and threaten a shooting bigger than what they seen in Connecticut. Later I got a call from the school board saying that a private sector employee threaten harm to “people” that they locked down a bunch of schools just before the kids were allowed to go home. They had to wait for the police to get them a photo of the man who made the comment and sent it to all the schools. They asked the schools to keep and eye out for people being on campus.

Everyone was debating on weather to send their kids to school today or not. I said I wasn’t sending mine they could just stay home. All they are doing is crafts and movies and getting out an hour early. They aren’t going to miss much. Everyone was saying our kids are smart and they would know what to do and our school the way it is set up it would be hard to get into and do something like that. I said I really didn’t think anything like that would happen at either of my kids schools but that in reality it really could and that both of them were set up to the point that it would make it hard for any of them to get out and run if it did. And everyone thinks not at my school until it happens. I want to have that not at my kids school not worried mind set. But I can’t I look at the big picture and the reality of it all. And the reality like I said is no one thinks it is going to be at their kids school until it is or until it is down the street at a school.

Yes our kids are pretty smart and the other kids in the schools are too. But that don’t mean they are going to react the way they should if something were to happen. It may be do to no fault of their own. No one knows how they are going to react if something like that is to happen. We want to think we would hold it all together and do everything we could to get our self and kids out. That our kids would hide and do what they could to get out. But the truth we may freeze we may panic we may just go blank and not know what to do. The kids may could very well do the same things. Plus they are kids they are going to be looking at the adults in charge to find out what to do. What if they panic or something. Everyone can only move so fast and do so much even if they are trying to do the right thing. Who’s to say that the class the person walks in first and starts shooting up isn’t going to be their class. Then what how much can that poor class of kids do to get a way? May give other classes time to get a way and get out when they hear it but not that class. I just didn’t like the idea of mine going.

The kids were not happy about going they were all upset and crying they were going to miss their parties and this and that. I told them not to worry about their parties we would get cookies some candy cocoa and stuff and stay in our pj’s and have our own party and watch movies today. But you know kids that just isn’t the same. We just told them they would have to wait and see and do what we told them.

They were saying but there are extra police at the schools and they are locked down they won’t let them past the office and things. Some of the parents were saying the same thing. They have the campus closed they have to go threw the office. Ok so they close the campus no one can get on but to come into the office. The shooter up there went to the office first. He still got threw to the classrooms. Sure they go into the office and everyone there see’s what is about to go on and see’s them. But can they really stop him? Think about it, it is them against a gun just like up there. They can try but they are just going to shoot them and walk past them to the class or where ever he wants to go. So it really isn’t going to stop anything by making them go threw the office.

I just pray that all the kids are safe today we don’t have any copy cat people out there who thinks this was cool or neat and that this all gets back to as normal as we can by the time school goes back in Jan.

Later on the news they said the man was a unhappy ex employ of the bank and that he threaten the bank. That he would do something bigger than that at the bank. But they were still worried about it. They said he seem to suffer from a mental condition. Said they arrested him but if they did I don’t know why they would need to send his picture out to all the schools yesterday. I also read different places that over the last few days parents had made offhand comments and things that were being looked at. They had something happen and threats at schools in counts all around us the last week or so also.

The kids here ended up going to school today even one of mine. She got up crying and begging me to go to school. She just don’t get how bad this could be I don’t think or thinks it isn’t going to happen at her school. As a mom I had to really think about what to do. I would feel much better to have her at home with me where I know she is safe of course. At the same time I don’t want her to start being afraid to go to school or to worry that something bad is going to happen at school. I don’t like the way her school is set up and the things they are going to be doing today. The kids are not going to be in their class with their teacher. They are going to have a buddy and wonder around from class to class and do different cradts foods movies and things like that all day. Her school is all inside in one little building. They have the office and like 7 or 10 classes all in it. There everyone has to go to the office to get on campus anytime the way it is set up. But once they walk into the office they are about 5 feet from the classes. I don’t worry about them wondering around like that most the time. But my thought is if something like that does happen these kids are not going to be with their teachers. They are going to be scattered with all different kids with all different teachers. No teacher is going to know where all her kids are and no one is going to know if someone is missing or who is hurt until who knows when. Where as if they were all in their own classes and something happen the teacher could say X students were here and this is what happen or X students are hurt or what. Or if the teacher couldn’t they could go threw her roll buck pretty fast and see. The way things are no one is going to be accounted for they are not going to know who was or wasn’t at school who to look for or anything. I cried when I left her and felt horrible. I didn’t feel like anything was going to happen or any bad feelings or I wouldn’t have let her go. But like always there is that possibility and to me if someone was going to do something today would be the day to do it since there is no school for weeks after today. And hour and a half until I can pick her up I can’t wait. My boys are sick so we laid down and slept for a little bit after I dropped her off helped keep my mind off of it a little bit. Until the dreams started coming. What a horrible thing that we as parents have to worry about this when we send our kids to school.


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