{December 20, 2012}   Still Waiting

They wouldn’t run the credit check or anything until we got the papers showing proof of income in. We finally go all that turned in yesterday around 3:30. I figure they didn’t start running anything until today. I pray they call us sometime today and tell us we have it. We really need to get our stuff out of where we are tonight they need to get ready for company that is coming this weekend. If we could get the key tonight we would move the stuff we have here and go over there and stay. Then start moving the rest of our stuff tomorrow. It is going to be a pain because I have no more money to rent a truck or trailer this time. I have a little set aside to go buy the kids stuff for Christmas. I can’t take the money I have for that and do it. Plus I have to do something about food and things once we get in there until we get checks next Friday and they are going to be short because of the holidays. It is going to be a ruff few weeks until we get into next year but I think we will be ok. I just have to get everything changed and paid to get in and see where I am at that point. I just hope that they take his paper from work and use it. He has been part time the last few months but just went back to full time. The boss was going to give him a letter saying he was full time. Then they said it had to come from home office in another state from people who just bought the place and really don’t know what is going on. She said she couldn’t put that he was at full time all she could put was and avrage of what he had been working. Then she just sent a letter saying he worked for that company working at $X an hour nothing about how many hours. His boss said just put on it he is full time and that if they have any questions to call him and he would explain because the other women didn’t know what she was doing. He has been trying to get her to send him income info for months. The only reason he got it yesterday was because one of the big guys from up there was down and heard him telling his boss that he wasn’t trying to be a pain or cause problems but that he had been asking for this from her for months and that he had to have it right a way or his kids were going to be homeless. He got on the phone and sent it. I think that is why she sent what she did because she was mad that she got in trouble. The guy had left by the time she sent it so she knew she wouldn’t have to deal with him. Our lady we are dealing with seem to think it was fine and said she was going to tell them to just talk to his boss here if they needed anything. That this girl hasn’t been doing her job and got in trouble and still isn’t doing things right. She said the vet thing they will give me so long to get once I get into the house. I am on pins and needles waiting to hear back from them. If we don’t get this one we have to start all over with another one. That means not getting into somewhere until after new years probably since it is Friday just about and then holidays. I really don’t want to go to my moms all the way in palm bay. But we can’t stay here either. We been here for like 3 weeks now. We have to do something. it was for a week maybe 2 when we started. I really hate waiting. I hope it don’t take 48 hours like they said it could take. They said 24/48 but that we were local and it shouldn’t take long at all. The kids can’t wait to get in and put all our Christmas stuff up. They will be really disappointed if they don’t get to do it this year. We have it up by the first most years sometimes before. We have never waited so late to put it up.

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