{December 22, 2012}   Stressful But Good News

We talked to the guy yesterday about our house and moving. He said we would hear back in a few days. We figured being the weekend and holidays we would hear something back after Christmas. He called me back today and said he needed to meet us today right a way and do a walk threw of the house. He said that if we let him walk threw the house today and would have everything out by the 27th they would give us $3500 to move on. that is great because then we would have the extra money we need to get into the other house and some to pay ahead on things. But now it gives me like tomorrow and the day after Christmas to get everything out and ex has to work both days. I have all three kids to take with me and deal with why I try to do it. But I will get it done so that I can the money. We can get more time but if we take more time it goes down to $2500 then $1ooo. so we just want to get it done since we have everything out but the dogs.

So now I am off at almost 9 to do my Christmas shopping. I took an hour trip today to get the two boys two trucks they wanted. I didn’t have time to order them and then have them shipped. Plus I got them for way less than what they are going for so it made it more than worth it. Now I have to finish the rest of my shopping. But at least I have some money to shop and know that we will be getting a house soon I hope.

I hope everything works out for you. Tough situation but I see you getting through it all. 🙂

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