{January 2, 2013}   Didn’t Take The Place

And feel like shit. No good way to put it. I have been sick for over a week now and feel so freaken bad. One minute I’m sweating the next I am freezing I feel like my bones are cold. I know it all started from the smoke. Even though they smoke outside or in their room it is still all in the house. They smoke in here when we aren’t here. I can’t complain they are letting us stay here but I just want to feel better and the kids not to get sick.

We ended up not taking the place we were supposed to get Saturday I always check and this time I forgot to until that day we did everything so fast. When we looked there was a sex offender right in our backyard. I know you can’t get a way from them and the are every where. But I don’ t want to move in right next to one. I did once not knowing and had trouble with him why I was at home and my sister and kids were home. Taking pictures and things of them. They had to call the cops and basically there isn’t anything they can do. They can sit and watch them or take pictures or whatever. Unless they do something to one or try to they can’t say anything to them. Then I had one move in the house right behind me after I bought mine and that is when I had trouble with someone trying to come in my windows and letting my dog lose and watching us. I call the cops then and they seem to think the same thing I did by what was going on it was him also. They started watching him and things for a little bit and it stopped. But then as soon as they stopped watching so close it started again.

We took the place this guy could sit in his yard and watch them take pictures or whatever and there would be nothing I could do. They could never walk out in the yard and play alone at 7 an 9 they should be able to go in their own fenced in yard and play. But they couldn’t because he could be out there and talk to them or who knows what before they could come and tell me.

So we are still looking. I lot of people think we should take it and that we can’t get a way from them. I can’t get a way from them but I can move so that they aren’t in my back yard or next door to me. I know I could be moving in next to one that hasn’t been picked up yet that no one knows is one but I can’t help that. I can help if I move my kids in next to one knowing they are there. I watch my kids and get to know the people around me if I don’t like someone for some reason then I keep my kids from them.

I think the Realtor lady we were working with got mad about it also. But I’m sure she wouldn’t move her family in there either. I haven’t heard from her since we talked Saturday and told her we weren’t going to be able to take it. But hey one she showed us we wanted they went back and forth for two weeks to get answers about things. Then they turned us down.  This is the only one she has showed us that they said yes we could get and we passed on. I didn’t want to pass on it either we lost $60 for checks and things by passing. The one that turned us down we lost $50 on I think really we were supposed to get our money back on that one. But they didn’t offer and I didn’t ask. Why waiting on the one that took two weeks to get answers on we missed one we probably could have gotten. But she said oh they didn’t say no talking to them I think they are going to do it they just have to get everything in order.

I hope you find a place that is reasonable in price and safe for your children. I understand your concern…especially with all the things going on with children and keeping them safe, it can be tough, but I’m sure it can be done.

Yes it can it just takes time and it seems it is running out. I am sure something will come threw soon. if not I may have to change the kids schools and all that. really not what I wanted to do with all they already have going on. It will really effect my middle he is already having such a hard time with everything and school is his one thing that don’t change no matter what for years.

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