The 9th was my year mark for signing up and posting my first post with word press. My blog is not what I thought it would be or where I thought I would be with it by now. But I am happy with it for what I have been able to put into it this far. I hope to get things settled this next week or so and be able to work more on it. Seems like every time I get a good roll at it something happens and I get side tracked for a while. I want to say thank you to all my followers and readers who have stuck around. I can’t wait to get settled down so that I can get caught up on reading too. I love to read all the other blogs on here as well as write.

I have done a lot of things the last year and now trying to play catch up and clean up after them all. I have to say I have learned some things and seen somethings. I am glad that I had here to document them and keep track of them. It has been a great place to write down memories and document things. It has also been such a great place to get feed back and just know that I can write what I want and say what I want with out being judged or having everyone just looking for something to start about. It’s nice to know that others read and great to hear the input from everyone. That’s one thing I hope to have more over this year feedback and input from others.

This years adventurer are just be gaining and it has been a year already so far. But this year is going to be a good year for me and my babies. They went threw and dealt with so much last year I want this year to be great for them. I know there are going to be some hard times to get threw this year and different things we are going to deal with but I think over all it is going to be good.


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