{February 24, 2013}   When It Rains It Pours

I only have 2 1/2 weeks left until I have the baby. She said last Tuesday that if I went into labor she wouldn’t stop me.  They are saying now that the baby will probably only be about 4 to 5 lbs. But she thinks it is going to be healthy just little. So I am collecting preemie stuff for her. My first was 6 lbs 4 oz and she wore them for a month or two. If she is that small she will be wearing them for a while. I am back to going to the doctor for test twice a week one day I do my test and see the doctor then the next time i just have to do my test.

I had planed to go out this week and really get stuff done and get things ready for her. I need to get the crib set take the clothes and get them set and get my room and her stuff set up. Then Tuesday evening they called and said my dad was being taken by ambulance to the hospital. I had to rush home drop the kids and father of the year off and go up to where he was. I got there and was in shock at what I seen. They said he had a seizure they found him out and didn’t know how long he had been out before they found him. They said once years ago they thought he had one but done a ton of test and couldn’t find any reason why or anything. But when I got there he was alert and knew what was going on and things. When I got there Tuesday he was out they had him tubed for his breathing and a tube in his stomach so that if he got sick or anything it wouldn’t go in his lungs. They had a kathiter in him and had him tied down. They did some test  and things that night and couldn’t find anything and he wasn’t responding.  They took him to ICU finally about 1 am.  Once he was settled in and they had all the results of his test back I went home. They said no one could come into the ICU between 6 am and 10 am so I went up about 1030 and sat with him until about 7 or 8 that night. They did a bunch more test and things with him that day but still couldn’t find any reason for him to have had one or any reason for him to have went out either. He would move around and things when they would make noise in the room or they would mess with him. But he didn’t open his eyes or anything. I went back up about the same time Thursday and he was moving around a lot and things but still not opening his eyes or seemed like he knew what was going on. The man came in to take his tempatre and was telling him what he was doing and asking him to put it under his tongue and things. He started moving around again and getting upset because they were messing with him. I looked up and he opened his eyes. I went over and tried to talk to him but he didn’t know who I was or what was going on still. He started telling me he needed water he was so thirsty then he was telling me he had to get this thing off his finger it was hurting. there was a little thing taped to it but nothing that would be hurting him. They had him tied down because he was trying to get up when he wasn’t with it. He wanted up and everything else. Thank goodness they had taken him off the life support and took the tubes and things out. He then started telling be he had to pee they had a kath in still we told him he couldnt get up. He was mad about that. He told me give him a knife to cut himself free. He didnt know who I was he thought he was at his dads house and someone had him tied down. He thought it was still tuesday. They gabe him a shot to calm him down. I had to leave early to do somethings with the kids and told him i would come back later and check on him. It got late before i got back to see him. The kids were in waiting room he wanted to see them but they were to young to go back in the ICU area. He seemed to know what was going on and things. The nurse asked if i was his daughter. He said yeah but she only comes to see me if she thinks im going to die and was nasty. Then he got nasty about something else. I said well i got to go i will be back tomorrow. Ex went back to see him he said something nasty to him and about him he left. I went back friday they had already let him go home. My brother or none of them bothered to tell me. Saturday i get a message from my dad. He says i just called to tell you i just gpt.out of the hospital after being there for three or four days. He didnt remeber me being there or nothing and my brother didnt bother to tell him either. Me and my brother dont talk or get along but they still should have said something told him how much i had been there and things. Just glad he is homenok and hope it dont happen again.

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