{February 26, 2013}   Still Alive

Yes I am still alive just been very busy the last month and haven’t gotten internet at the house. Trying to replace everything I threw away that was most anything that didn’t fit in a box and someone didn’t scream about it being thrown away. Ex isn’t being much help and isn’t paying the things he should be nothing has been how it was supposed to be since we moved in. A lot of fighting that’s about it. So I am not getting internet and cable right now because I can’t pay it and the rest of the bills he decides he isn’t going to pay that month. It has only been a month since I posted last I thought it had been a lot longer than that so I am happy about that. I found there is a library about 3 or 4 blocks a way from where we moved so that is where I am now. I am going to start coming down here once or twice a week so I can do the things I need to do and keep up with stuff better.

The house is ok it is better than staying with people and being homeless. It is small and it is not set up for what we need. If it was just me and the kids it wouldn’t be to bad if I can get something fixed for the dogs. Right now my big girl has her own room and he is sharing a room with the boys. I have the crib in my room with me. It is funny because I said something the other day about him sharing a room with the boys and my big boy heard me. He said no mom get it right it is mine and brothers room we just let daddy sleep in there. they are pretty much right. He goes back and forth about moving out. I wish he just would. First he was going to move so me and the kids would have room because he didn’t need that much room wanted to find something closer to work and a little cheaper. Since we been fighting he says he isn’t moving so who knows.

He will sit there and talk to me like dirt and call me everything you can think of. Then turn around and want to know if I have money for him to go get something to eat. Or call text me and say all kinds of stuff and then when he gets off work and comes home he acts as if nothing happen nothing was ever said and does whatever needs done.

My friend who lives around the corner from me is scared he is going to do something to me. She keeps saying I need to get a will done and something wrote up saying that if anything happens she can keep the kids until whoever is supposed to get them gets there to get them. He find one minute and then flips the next. It is pretty bad both of my older two kids have told me since we moved in the place they wish we were with RC. My girl told me the other day he was having a fit and complaining about something. She said mom I wish we could have started the new year off with RC I want you to be happy and we were happy there. My boy said another time a week or so before that can’t we just go back to the apartment with RC we all can live together.


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