{April 15, 2013}   New Girl In Town

My baby girl has arrived. I had her Thursday the 4 th. She is so perfect and tinny and I just love her to death. She was 6 lbs 18 inches born at 8:31 pm.
I got up that morning and got everyone ready for school. Took big boy to the bus big girl to school and went to pick my friends daughter up to drop her at daycare when I took my little guy. After I took them I went back to my friends and went with her to the school about her daughter. I noticed I was having some pains here and there. They were more painfull than normal but not bad. I really figured they would go a way. We got done went to her husbands work and went to buy a bed. After we dropped stuff back at his job we went and had lunch. I kept telling her I was hurting. I noticed they seem to be really close together. We went back to her house and I told her I wasn ‘t coming in I was going to go home take a nap or to the meat market.

I ended up heading about 25 or so miles a way to the meat market. I decided to time my contractions on the way. They were 5 mins apart and lasting about 30 seconds each. I went there came home picked my oldest up from school. I walked in and started to sign her out one of the ladies asked me if i was in labor. I said yes i thought i was she said i look like i was or would be soon. After me and big girl took the meet home put it in the fridge we went to the grogery store to get some stuff and pick up my little guy from daycare. We meet up with father of the year who picked up big boy from the bus and we went and got the boys hair cuts. I let him take all the kids home and went to the dollar store down the street from our house. They didnt have all i was looking for but the contractions were getting more painfull. Still about 5 mins apart maybe lasting longer.

I called my friend. She said she was busy she call me right back. I went home done a few things and went to get in the shower and the contractions were getting worse. I decided i should go to the hospital and skip the shower. I called her again it had been about an hour she hadnt called me back. She was at trivea and forgot to call me. I told her i needed to go to the hospital she said when. I told her now or soon as posible lol. So i went and picked her up from triviea.

She went to get in and i had another contraction i told her she better drive so we traded spots and started the trip to the hospital. Its another 17 miles from where we were she was all worried everytime i would have a contraction. I said at one point goingnover one of the bridges no worries i dont feel the erge to push we are good. All she heard was pish i thought she was going to wreck my truck. All day and up until we pulled into the hospital they were 5 mims apart. We pulled into the parking lot just off the street i had one by the time we got maybe a half block to a parking place i had one then one walking intp the place. Not anymore painful but lasting a bit and and longer. We got in the door they grabbed a wheelchair and was calling upstairs telling them i was on my way.

I got up there told them everything they acted like we wouldnt have a baby for a while and took their time doing stuff. It was 7 they checked said i was 3/4 cm. They done a few other things and decided to move me to a labor n delivery room. I got in there got into the bed and they wanted to put and iv in. I told them i was ok with a block but no iv i wanted to get up move and things. She left came back said doctor was fine with that. She started putting it in my hand and my friend started squerming she hates needles. I dont like them and was having contractions pretty close. I yelled at her to stop lol. They got the iv in i asked for a birthball. I knew at that point i couldnt get up and walk to much but wanted itnto releave spme of the presure and pain. She brought and said she wanted to check me before i got up. She said i was 5 cm at that point. I was mad because they were closer and more painfull. But i hadnt dialated more.

She leaned down to do something i had contraction i said there it went my water broke. She checked me again and checked to see if it had she said i was 7 and there was stuff in the water. The baby had went to the bathroom. I had another contraction and felt like pushing. I looked at her and said i want to push.

My friend looked like no way not yet the nurse looked a little worried said let me check odder things have happen. She checked i was over 9 almost a full 10 there was a little lip stuck in the way they said. They said i was 5at 8pm it was now 4 mimutes after. It had only been 4 minutes since she said i was 5. She had nothing ready no carts hadnt called the doctor respatoriy or anything to come in there. She was hitting buttons calling the nurse station telling them to get everyone in there now and get the doctor on the phone and tell her to get there. They were telling me just breath dont push. I said nope im pushing i cant and kept pushing. Then i was asking them where the doctor was and everything. She got there and she was telling me do this and that and then the nurse started pushing tje monitor on my stomach for the baby heartrate. I was fine with the pain of the contractions but she started doing that it hurt and destracted me. I stopped pushing sat up and told them they were hurting me. Doc said im not touching you. I said she is they kept saying we habe to hear the heart and stuff. I said i camt do this if she going to hirt me. After a min or so and fighting with them threw a contraction the dpctor said if this is what it takes to have a baby leave her alone its fine. I rember for a minute just stopping looking at my friend and the doctor and wanting to say im not doing this this isnt what i want i cant do this i dont want another baby. I dont know why at the sametime i was thinking what why would you say that yes you do. I thpught just do it and a few more pushes and she was out. Doctor asked who was cutting the cord i told my friend to do it. She said something to the doctor i guess where or something. I thought she was saying something else i saod just do it. She did and they took her across the room to check her lungs and things. She was born at 8:31pm 4/4/13 6 lbs 18 inches.

She had to go to the nursery for a few minutes then they brought her right back and she latched and nursed really good. Because of the stuff where she went to the bathroom we had to stay 3 days. They had to clip her tounge because she was tied too like my last one. I remeber at one point after my water broke and waiting for the doctor to get there telling them i just want to get up and take a shower i feel so dirty lol and them all laughing at me. Later my friend said you were mean to that nurse but when the doctor got there there was noone elsebin the room bit you and her. I love my doctor she is so great.
image Right after i had her
image Ready for the pic they take before you go home at the hospital.

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