{May 27, 2013}   Haven’t Forgotten

I haven’t forgotten you all I miss being on here and having a place to get things out. But with out internet it is hard for me to get on here. I can from my phone but I went from one that I was limited to what I could do to one I can do just about anything on, to one that is a huge POS. It wont go online most the time shuts down ramdomly (mostly when Im in middle of something) and eats half of the stuff I try to post places or post it 10 times. I have been writing my post so I can post them when i can get online hope soon.

Its hard to get anywhere to use the net with two little ones now and last wednesday was the older twos last day of school.

I am trying really hard to get in the swing pf things with the new baby and a 2 year old who still wants to be the baby. The baby alone is hard and being the only one doing 100% of everything for her is very hard. she is with me 24/7 I have had no help or break for even 5 mins with out her since I had her. Dont get me wrong I love her to death but im wore out. Her father has his head so far up his girlfriends ass its sad. he is in such a bad situation if he wanted to take her see her help out some I would have to say no. She wouldnt be safe there. I think he knows it and part of the reason he has only seen her once in 7 1/2 weeks. but he needs to be a man and get himself out of the situation he is in and be a dad to his kids. Ok i have tp leave that alone because that could be a book there is so much crazy there.

On top of dealing with him and his crazy the new baby and the situation I am in right now Friday my son drops a bomb in my lap. That makes getting out of the situation I am in a must and need to ASAP. I have no clue how when I am not even getting call backs about jobs. I dont even know what to say to my son. Nothing is going to fix things just have to get out and help him through.

if your seeing this then yay my phone didnt lose connction eat it or shut down. I will try to ad little quick updates more offten until i can really post like I want. thanks to all who are all still here and reading.

Love this song.
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