So last night we went to my friends house for a bbq and fireworks. She had all the chairs set up in the front across the drive way facing the road. Fireworks were over and everyone else had left it was me and my friend and father of the year sitting there talking. I heard baby boy at her screen door trying to get in but I didn’t want him in there because no one else was in there so I just let him play with it and figured he would go on in a minute. Well he went on in a minute alright. In a minute it I hear him say damn it and see him go running between the chairs around this rope thing she has around a flower bed things and across her yard over toward the tree. As he is going across the yard he is pulling his pants down saying got to pee got to pee. He gets to the tree and stands there and pees. lol We busted up laughing it was so funny you just hear him say that and run by then see this little white butt running across the yard as he is ripping his pants off and then peeing on the tree.

That is his new word when he gets mad the last week. I have been on him and on him that we don’t say that and it isn’t nice to say. I am going to have to get some sour spray or something and put in his mouth when he says it to get him to stop i guess. I try try not to say things in front of the kids but it slips sometimes and his dads favorite thing to say when he is mad is GD. I am guilty of saying damn it or shit when something happens. I have gotten better but it still slips here and there when my phone makes me mad.


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