For the ones who didn’t know or who are new here I had my baby girl or my little bitty as I call her in April. Here is a link to her birth story

New Girl In Town
I can not believe that my baby girl was 3 months old already yesterday. She is so sweet and just perfect. She is starting to gain weight and fill out. I had to stop nursing a few weeks ago and put her on formula. We did really good the first month but then when we went back for her two month check she had only gained 6oz. They said they thought my supply had dropped and she wasn’t getting enough. I had started to wonder the few days before we went for her check up. But then I thought she was just going through a growth spurt and was wanting to eat more. They said to nurse and then give her a bottle. I slowly stopped nursing and just went to bottles. I was going to try to pump and see what I could get and see if I could build my supply back up or figure out what was going on. But I was just so wore out and tired with being the only one that does anything for her and the stress of everything around here I just couldn’t imagine trying to pump for all her bottles. I had to do that with my last and it was trying in of itself with out having the added stress of everything else going on and not having the help with her. I felt really bad I cried when they told me I needed to start giving her bottles and because I wanted to but didn’t want to pump for her and just everything. I went to the store dropped the little girl I am watching off and came home. Me and my baby girl got in bed and that’s where we stayed for the night. I was just so upset and just didn’t want to talk to or be bothered by anyone. I took her to wic two Fridays ago and they said they could help me start nursing her again if I wanted too and help me more once we got started again. But when we were talking she said that stress played a big role in milk production and that hormones that are released when you are stressed will reduce supply and really cause problems. I told her I thought that just leaving her on formula was probably the best thing to do since she was already use to it and doing good with it. Because I am looking for a night job and there is no way I am not going to be stressed right now. I didn’t tell them that about the stress but there is just to much going on right now with things the way they are. I feel this is the best thing for me and her right now. I don’t need the added stress of worrying if she is getting enough if I was nursing her. I wanted to go to meetings from the start but never had anyone to watch my other so I could. I couldn’t take him with me. I can’t now drag 4 other kids with me to meeting or wic all the time to sit forever to keep a check on her. I don’t think it was so much that I wasn’t producing enough I think something else was going on too because she was having the dirty diapers like they said she should have and things. I am thinking that maybe the hormones released from the stress may have been causing problems too. But I don’ t know.

Other than that little problem she is doing great. She is supper smart for 3 months old. She has rolled over here and there since I had her but nothing all the time just out of the blue she would. Well at like 9 weeks old she started rolling over all the time when ever she decided she wanted to. She even this small would try to roll a way from me and smile and think it was funny. I said I should not be fighting my 9 week old baby to put a diaper on her. My 5 or 6 month old yes but not her. She will lay on the bed or sit in her swing and play with her hands. She will hold them out in front of her and grab the fingers on one hand with the other. The last week or so she has started making sounds back when you talk to her. Sometimes she will just be sitting there and start making sounds at you to get you to talk to her and give her attention.

She is just so much fun to watch and play with. The kids love her so much. My older son will sit and talk and talk to her for an hour or two and she will sit and listen and make sounds back and just smile from ear to ear. Like she knows just what he is talking about and soaking it all up and taking it all in. She is she will be one smart girl by the time she gets to kindergarten. He said when I had her I don’t know what to say to her or how to talk to her. I said just talk to her about things you like and things you know. He does he tells her about dinosaurs planets the bones in your body and anything else you can think of. He tells her about god and the bible and the different people in the bible. I love when he tells her how cute she is and how adorable and how much he loves her. It is so cute to listen to and watch.

My baby boy is better about not picking her up buy I still catch him sometimes tying to. He tells her she is a pretty girl and calls her by her name and says my baby. He tells me want to hold baby and if I let him hold her he says take picture. He always wants me to take a picture of him when he is holding her. I just have to be careful because when he decides he is done he will just let go and try to get up and say done. I have to watch so I can pick her up before he lets go and tries to move.

My big girl is good with her she will talk to her and play with her and wants to hold her once in a while. She isn’t as hands on with her as the boys are I don’t know why really. But she will help with her and things when I need it. She does talk to her and play with her some.


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