This has been topic of discussion off and on since me and ex split up and filed for a divorce. I am going back to my maiden name when it is all said and done. I don’t want to keep my current last name. Everyone says this way you have the same last name as your kids and things. My mom even thought I should give the baby my current last name and keep it then me and all the kids would have the same last name. I don’t want to keep my last name and really don’t see a point in keeping your ex husbands last name. I mean really you don’t like him enough you don’t want to be married to him but you want to keep his last name? When I gave ex the first set of divorce papers that is the only thing he said something about was me changing my last name. He said it was like a slap in the face. Um really that’s all your going to say something about forget the fact that you were just handed divorce papers. 

I belong to a group of ladies and there has been a bunch who have gotten divorced or are talking about getting one or going through one right now. So it has been brought up on there a few times. So are keeping it because of the kids some are keeping it so they don’t have to change everything or for work reasons. Others are changing it back. 

Like I said before if you don’t want to be together no more why keep his name. But other than that its the idea of names their selves why we have them how we got them and things. I look at it like this…….

I am Misty Brown by marriage that’s fine a great. But I am only a Brown because of being married. When you get down to it I am really a Smith and a White because my dad is Smith and my mom was a White. So blood is Smith and White. My kids are Browns and Smiths because they are mine and my husbands kids. Since blood wise I am a Smith and a White I feel I should take my last name back because that is my real family and family name. My kids are Smiths and Browns their dad is there and has been there and that is the name they already have so there for they should of-curse have the last name Brown. Because they are Browns. 

Then in my case where I have the baby and her dad isn’t in the picture don’t mean I should give her the last name Brown just so she fits in or so that we have the same last name. She isn’t a Brown She is a Smith and a Black. I was going to give her her dads last name until things happen the way they did. When they did I decided she may as well have Smith since she was going to know that part of her family more and be closer to that part and I am going to go back to it when I can. I still kind of wish I had named her Black instead but oh well. At least this way she has her family name and her family name that she is going to be close too. 

I was kind of surprised how many people want to keep their current name and not go back. I wonder how many have really sat down and thought about it like that. I never thought twice about it I knew when I decided to get the divorce I was changing my name back. I have had the name brown for 10 years now and everyone still calls me a Smith and see’s me as a Smith. 

But just remember if you are ever faced with having to play the name game for your self or your child remember it all comes down to roots and blood not who you are with because of a piece of papaer.


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