I just want to take the time to say thank you to all who read my blog. To all who are following and all who decide to follow in the future. I was very surprised to see all the new followers that I have gotten the last few days since I have been back and trying to get things up and going again. I hope to be around a lot more than I have been in the last year.

I try my hardest to check out others blogs and to always stop by and check out the blogs of new followers. Forgive me I am behind on that but will try to to start working on that soon. I also haven’t stayed up to date on the blogs I follow and I am sorry for that and am trying to make time to get caught up on all of you all too. It will take time I am going to pick one things to start on and then slowly pick up and ad other things until I get everything rolling and where I can handle it all.

But first and for most I have to do something I have a hard time doing on here and in my life out side of here. I have to take a little bit of time to get my stuff on here straight and how I want it before I get in full swing with everything else. I am working to improve my blog all the way around. I was in the middle of trying to make some changes when everything happen and I wasn’t able to get on as much. I am going to try to pick up from there and run with it.

But you will be seeing me around here and there on other blogs when I take a break from mine. I will pop in check you all out catch up and say hi.

I love being able to come here and just get everything out not worry about saying something that might make someone mad or something that I don’t want some to know. For the most part very few of my friends and family know about my blog and I like it that way. It is my not so private private area to just not have to hear it from them all. I like to be able to come on here write and get input from others who are not close to what is going on from others who aren’t judgmental or who just want to take what you say twist it and run with it to cause problems. Hints why only very few family and friends know I have my blog. The ones who do know about it I know are not that way and won’t do them things. I love them for who they are and how they are. I could go to them and say all the same stuff I say here and they would be there just to listen give advice and talk. You few know who you are and I thank you all for that too. I would love for them to comment here and things if they have something to say because I value their input very much.



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