{July 10, 2013}   Just For Documentation Really

I don’t know what to call this post I don’t know how I even feel about it really. I am posting to keep track and have documentation of things in case I need it later on. I was supposed to pick the little girl I watch up bring all the kids back to the house get them ready and feed them then go pick my dad up to go to the meat market and things today. Well we came home and went back to sleep. She was tired and in a mood two of mine were passed out in the truck and I sleep maybe 2 hours last night. We didn’t get up until almost 11 we sleep like 2 hours. I wasn’t going to go today but decided to get it over with because I really needed to go to the meat market and I would spend more waiting. I picked him up and headed to the market well RC lives less than a quarter of a mile a way from my dad and I go right by there at times when I am up there depending on where we are going. So today happen to be one of the days we went by. I seen a bunch of stuff out by the trash like the house had been cleaned out. I seen a for rent sign but I thought it and the car I was seeing was in front of the house right before theirs. But still looked as if theirs was probably empty too and there were no cars in the drive. Not normal for them. After I dropped my dad off I drove back by to see and there was a rent sign in both yards. The car was still at the house next to what was theirs and the door was open on their house. I stopped I was going to ask them if they knew how to get a hold of them or what but I didn’t. I don’t know why I just didn’t. I figured someone would come out when I stopped but they didn’t I had the kids in the truck. I could have left them in and walked to the door but I didn’t really feel like it. I just left then when I got across town from it I thought about it and thought I should have gotten the phone number and just called and seen if I could have found out. I called my friend and told her she was kind of surprised. She was trying to figure out where they went if they had to move or decided to. They just moved there I can’t see them wanting to just up and move again. There wasn’t furniture and things out there just junk like you have when you move. She thinks they rented something else here or they wouldn’t have gotten a truck to move it back up north they really didn’t have anything worth getting a truck and taking that far. I know almost everything he had as far as beds for both rooms and kitchen table was from me and the other little bit of stuff he had wasn’t anything great either. Plus just thinking about it why I write this they have her car “her” truck and then a moving truck to get all the way back up north. They could get a car carrier to put it on but I don’t seem them doing that or having the money to get a truck and a carrier to go all that way. They would have been better off and a lot cheaper if they were going to go that far to get rid of the furniture and rented a trailer to pull behind the truck loaded it and the truck down with their personal stuff and went from there.

Just like not coming around all this time then move and not even call and say anything. He can never say I kept him a way from his daughter. He isn’t trying to keep in touch with her or want to know about her. I still have my days I go back and forth from being beyond pissed off to not caring to wishing I didn’t care anymore.

I just don’t see how you can come along and ruin so many KIDS lives and not think twice or have a care in the world about it. And I can’t see how you can let someone come along and ruin yours and your kids lives and seem not to have a care in the world about it or think twice about it and just act as if everything is ok. I know him and I know that when he really sits and thinks about it that it eats him up and that it really bothers him. But I don’t understand how you don’t try to get out of it and fix things. or why he hasn’t gotten to that point that he don’t. Everyone is different in how much they can take and tolerate and handle before they say enough is enough and decides to change. I just can’t believe it is taking him this long.

[…] back to Tenn when they moved out of the house the middle of July. (You can read about that here Just For Documentation Really). My friend that helped me move when everything happen there and who let me and the kids stay with […]

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