{July 15, 2013}   Not Good Not Bad

When my daughter was about 1 1/2 we moved into an apartment just the 4 of us. We had always had a roommate but we had my girl and was pregnant with our 2nd. It wasn’t feasible to have a roommate and I was ready to have my own space.  Our apartment was different than any of the other 23 there. We had a really big living dinning space and the kitchen was closed off by itself and very small. They said the two apartments right there use to be open to one big apartment years before. We didn’t have living room furniture we had to wait a few weeks for our tax money to buy some stuff. We wanted to buy new since it was our first place and we had the kids. We wanted to make sure it was clean and that it would last a while. I knew if we bought it new I would keep it forever before we got something else. I was on bed rest and had no one to watch my daughter so we put our bed in the living room when we first moved in. We didn’t have people over any way. We had to get settled and things and it was slow going since I wasn’t able to do much and he worked full time. This way all the boxes and things could be closed in the bedroom and the other rooms could be closed off so that my daughter had to stay in the living room with me in the day time. She could lay down there and take a nap with me since I couldn’t pick her up in and out of the crib and things. We had the tv set up so we could watch that.

After we had been there for a week or so I started noticing something at night. It would feel like someone was there or had been there. The feel in the room would change hard to explain. Then it started to feel like someone was walking around or standing back looking around looking for something. after a few nights of this I looked up one night and there was a man standing by the kitchen. He was an older white haired man all dressed like he was going on a trip. He had a little case with him and wore a hate. He was dressed pretty nice and in a long nice coat. Sometimes he would have his hat off holing it in his hands in front of him sometimes he would have it on. You could tell he was looking for something. I seen him a few times in the hall way. He would just stand looking into the rooms that were open. After a bit he would look a little sad and just go a way. If he had his hat off he would put it back on and get his case that he had sitting beside him.

I asked the people around and they said that there had been a older man and women who lived in the apartment next to me and that he went to a home and then passed before she did. Then she moved, they didn’t know if she was still alive or not. I always wondered if that wasn’t her husband coming beck looking for her. I don’t know why he would come to my apartment too if he didn’t remember what one was theirs or if had something to do with the fact that they use to be open into one. He hadn’t been when they lived there. But I know like my water heater was attached to who ever lived next to me at that time.

It was another thing I wasn’t scared of him or anything it didn’t really bother me. The only thing that really bother me was when he would stand back and look. Wasn’t like he was just watching or what to see what was going on. It just bother me that feeling you get when someone is looking at you or watching you.

It was just a good thing in the fact that it wasn’t something negative and something that scared me.

Anonymous says:

take a picture next time….

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