Toward the end of June I decided the kids were getting old enough (maybe) to get a pet. Well another pet. We have the two dogs and I let each of the older ones get Beta fish for Christmas. This time a pet in a cage they have asked and asked for years. I always told them no pets in cages until they were old enough to take care of it their self. The fish was supposed to be a test run see how they did with them. That didn’t work to well as they are to much for them to take care of with changing the water and things. But it hasn’t been to bad they feed them and like having them in their rooms. I seen a free rabbit in a group. I had thought about it at Christmas time. My friend was going to get rid of hers and I was going to get it for them as a gift. Then we ended up still being homeless at then so I got them the tanks and things for their fish and when we got the keys to our new place we went and got their fish. Kind of a it’s really ours things are going to be better kind of things. If that makes since. Something to give them to do and take care of to help get things back to normal. I had decided at that time they probably still weren’t ready for a bunny and we needed to do more to prepare if we were going to get a bunny. Well 5 months later I see this bunny and he is cute and I think about it for a while and decide they are getting bigger and there are two of them to take care of it why not go get the bunny and give it a try. I didn’t have a cage but I had just got a bunch of wood so I could build him one. I have a big dog cage that is open that they could keep him in until we got the cage done. My dad came over right after we got him like the next day went out got all the stuff we needed for a cage and started to build it why I was out one of the nights he stayed. They didn’t get it done but he has been coming over and they have been working on it and it is theirs and grandpa’s project.

This is Freddie the night we brought him home. He is huge, way bigger than we thought he was going to be. Freddie is a 11 1/2 lb bunny.


We had to give Freddie a bath he used the bathroom all over himself when we got him and brought him home he was scared of the car ride and being in the box.




He finally laid down and relaxed and seem to like his bath.  Well when ex came home today from work he said the bunny didn’t look like he felt good. I said I would go look at him in a few minutes. Figured he was just sleeping. Didn’t figure he been very hot it had rained and stormed pretty bad out so not hot at all. My friend came over and I had sent the kids to clean his cage they came back and said he didn’t have water and something was wrong with him. Now I am worried because he hadn’t had water. I make the kids clean his cage twice a day and feed and give him fresh water twice a day. Today is the only day since we have had him that I didn’t have them go check his water and clean his cage. My oldest has been staying with a Friend since Friday and I had her little girl here staying with my others. They cleaned the cage late last night about 8 or 8:30. I knew they gave him full bottle of fresh water then and feed him he always has some left when they go to feed and water him each time. But I still make them check because cage is supposed to be done by 5 every evening so over 12 hours later when they get up he may need some. Well me and my friend walked back there and we thought he was dead. My friend was like oh no he isn’t alive. But he was breathing but didn’t seem good. I had the baby I told her to open the cage and stick the water bottle down to him and try to give him some. I am thinking he didn’t have water it was out for a while and he is dehydrated. Soon as she stuck it down to him he started to drink. He jumped some. Well when he jumped we seen that something was wrong he wasn’t moving right. His front paw was all turned out to the side. Something has happen to his pawl. I feel so bad for the poor bunny I heard him out there jumping around like normal through the night and even today. I don’t know when or how he ran out of water. He was a mess because he had used the bath room on himself. Ex got him out we put him in the grass and he was jumping around pretty good. He took him in and gave him another bath. I had the kids clean his cage really good and get it ready. But he just went back in it and laided there like he was died or dieing again. I don’t know what to do for him. Not sure really how it happen we weren’t home today for a little bit and hadn’t been out there today. I can’t afford to take him to the vet. I just really don’t have it. I have maybe enough to get through the week and take care of the things we need to take care of. Still trying to dig out of this mess we are in. My friends bunny got dropped and they had to put it to sleep because it made him till he couldn’t move. Another friend said take him to the pound because they would take care of him or if he couldn’t be helped they would do what had to be done so he wouldn’t suffer. Me and my other friend was going to take him we had him in a bin and I wrote them a note telling them this was our pet and we really cared about him but something happen to him and we didn’t know what but couldn’t take him to get checked out and didn’t want to see him suffer. We would rather see him get help if he could and go to another home if that is what had to happen to get him the help he needed. I even took his food to leave with him. But he started hoping around the cage not the greatest and he started trying to hope and come out of the box and things. We talked about it and decided to wait until tomorrow and see how he was. She let me use a different cage not as big so he won’t be moving around to much to get to his food and things. He is still able to move unlike her bunny and he seems feisty and like he still wants to hop around and explore. So we made him conformable in his other cage and are going to see how he is tomorrow. I was happy to see he didn’t seem to be in pain and seem to feel a lot better after his bath and some water and food. Hopefully he will pull through it. I am going to try to call some places tomorrow and see if I can get him in somewhere that will see him and if they will let me make payments.


I feel bad because I didn’t have them go check him this morning. And because I call him Denny instead of Freddie it has been a joke since we started talking about getting him. That if they didn’t take really good care of him he was going to be dinner. I told them to call him Denny so that when they would remember what I said about taking care of him. It was really only a joke but I feel horrible for making it and that now something happen to him when we just got him. The kids were really doing a good job with him too. But they knew he had a home if they didn’t. My friend loves him and wants him. They know if they don’t take good care of him she would come get him all I had to do was make a phone call. Just pray poor Freddie just sprain his leg and that it gets better soon. My kids will be so heartbroken if we have to give him a way or something happens to him.


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