{July 24, 2013}   R.I.P. Freddie

Freddie seemed ok yesterday but by the time evening came he seemed worse than when we first found him hurt. He didn’t seem like he could move his back legs for some reason. This morning after I dropped Ex at worked and picked up the girl I watch I got my dad to go with me to see what we could get done for him. I took him to the local shelter they were rude and no help. I stopped at the vets office they said by talking to them they couldn’t do anything. I tried to take him to a rescue they were shut down and gone. They told me I could take him to the north shelter but they wouldn’t be open til 12pm tomorrow. I had to go about half way to the shelter to take my dad home we were talking about it. I said they have to have someone there to take care of the animals and they have cages they have to have someone who checks them even when they are closed. I figured if I put him in one they would find him take care of him. When we got there a girl was by the door inside doing some stuff. she seen me and unlocked the door. She said since he was a pet I had to come back tomorrow and do a owner surrender and sign for him. I told her I needed to do it now and what was wrong and that they couldn’t just let him suffer til then to please do something for him they were my last resort. She asked the other lady they let me in and did the paper work. I felt so bad for him. The lady their said them and the winner dogs are two of the worse pets for kids because they are so long and their backs they hurt them easy even if they aren’t being ruff with them. I feel so bad he hurt himself mote. If I had known that could happen I wouldn’t have tried to see if he could get better first. I had him in a big 10 gallon rubber maid bin with a towel. They had already said they were going to do it they wouldn’t leave him sit to suffer they would do it right a way. after i signed the paper she asked if I wanted to keep the bin. I said yes then thought about it and told them no. I knew they would take him in the bin do what they were going to do and bring me the bin back and it would be empty it would be done. I almost started to cry i said no yall just keep it pet him some and left.

I don’t know how they do their job. God knows I couldn’t do it. They just talk about it like its nothing. The lady ask the one girl if she ever did a rabbit. she said no but ive done ferrets and things. its probably like that I would think. So the women tells the guy to go help her. Then the girl says I’ll go get so and so I’m sure she has probably done it before. I had to have a dog put to sleep because of back problems 15 years ago and I stayed with him why they done it and it was one of the hardest things I ever done. If I had to do that all the time like that I would be a crying blubbering mess every day.

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