I haven’t posted in a few days, i have been in a funk the last few days. Not sure what is up haven’t really felt like writing or doing much of anything. I can’t even say because there hasn’t been anything to write about because there has. I can’t explain it really. I really don’t feel like it now but I know I need to and I have too. I don’t want to go months, weeks or days with out writing something anymore and it has been days already.  It isn’t just writing that I haven’t felt like doing I don’t feel like doing anything. I don’t feel like getting up and going anywhere or anything. I have come here and started a few post and but never finished them. I am going to try to do that tonight.

So far this week ex lost his job Monday. They told him and a few other guys to meet at the office Monday not the job site they were being moved to other jobs. I dropped him off since we are down to one car right now and he called in a little bit said one the guys from work dropped him off up the street he was on his way home. They told them they have no work maybe in 2 months they would have work but it was over 3 hours a way and they would call them if they needed them. They did just what i told him they were going to do work him at nothing until they got this school done so they could open it in a few days then get rid of him. The guy said it was a full time job but I had a feeling the way he did him from the start. So now he is looking to find something. We are hoping a tow truck job comes through. He is supposed to also go over to the station where RC was working when we split up and check on a lite service truck job there. It would be nice if he got both of them but I don’t know if he would be able to do them both or not really. I guess we shall see.

Saturday me and the baby went over to my friends and sat with her kids why they went out on the gambling boat. It was a nice evening. I was going to write after I got the kids to bed but then me and her older two girls got to talking and I spent time with them instead. They are 13 and almost 13 one is girly girl into the boys and the drama and everything else and she is super skinny. The almost 12 isn’t into the boys and all the girly stuff she is on the bigger side and into sports and stuff. But they both want to lose weight. The one really don’t need to she is already very skinny. The other is ok but it wouldn’t hurt for her to if she wanted to. The one that really don’t need to is going about it all wrong she is just not eating and things. So we got to talking about that and the right and wrong way to do it and things. I showed them an app they could put on their phones to help them do it but still eat what and how they need to so they are healthy. Then my friend started messaging me to and before I knew it it was 2am and they were home. I went home and pasted out too. I did catch up on some much needed sleep this weekend and feel better than I have in a very long time when it comes to sleep.

Saturday we went to see my mom and grandma for a while and other than that I just lazed around the house. The last few days have been lazy days too.


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