{July 31, 2013}   Lets Go Geocaching

I came across this Sunday night when I couldn’t sleep and started reading about it. I had heard about it never really knew what it was. After reading it it sounded like something that would be a lot of fun to do with the kids. I fell asleep reading about it I read and read. I looked up to see if there were any close to me and wow there are a lot just with in a mile radius of where I am. Most all them said they were good for kids and there is even a group named for the area we are in who does it that isn’t to far from us. I picked 6 that were really close. I didn’t figure with the kids we would get to all 6 I figured at least 2 maybe 3 depending on how hard it really was how the 3 little’s were doing. The two can lose interest in things really quick but figured since we would be looking for stuff and different places and they knew we got to see different things in the boxes it might keep them into it.

Monday I go drop ex at work get the little girl I watch and bring them home to eat. I explain it to the 4 of them the best I can and they are all in and think it is a great idea and can’t wait to get out there and go. Well in the mean time of us getting ready ex says he is on his way home and all that. So he ended up going with us. I am kind of glad he did. We did not find anything after looking for an hour.

I did manage to fall down in a hole, hurt both feet and my one leg and keep the baby from getting hurt all in one shot. Thank goodness I was wearing the baby and not just carrying her in my arms or I would have dropped and she would have gotten hurt too. We also learned that you can pull up park and wonder all over the fire the department for an hour before anyone will come out and ask what you are doing if there is something they can help you with. Even after a group of them watch you fall in the whole and say nothing. And still don’t say anything about it and ask if you or baby are alright.

I told him that we had seen the game online and that there was supposed to be one there somewhere that one of the guys there had hidden or that a fireman close to there had. He said he knew nothing about what we were doing or anything being hidden there and looked at me like we were crazy. I told him we were about done we were going to research it some more and see what we could find out we left after that. Thank goodness I didn’t get to hurt my one foot still hurts a little but not much.

I have been researching it some more and figured out what I did wrong. We just tracked the address not the coordinates. I have an app I got offline and it has a place for them but I can’t figure out how to work it. I put them in on google map and it will come up but I have to figure out how to get it to work on my phone so I have it when we go. The kids really want to go and try it again. I think it would be fun. They say we are looking for treasure lol. I think if I can get my phone to work it will be a fun hobby for us to do and we don’t have to travel far for now to go do it. Really you don’t have to travel far from anywhere to do it so when we have time to kill places or between going places we could look one up and try to find it. They want to hide one too and track it that seems like it would also be fun to do see where all it goes or set a goal and see if it can make it.

Anyone else out there doing the geocaching?

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