Ex went to see about a job driving a service truck for a station not to far from us. They run the calls for AAA in the area. My friend’s husband knows the people that run and own the station really good he text last night and said to go talk to them first thing today at 11. He filled the app out and talked to the guy for a long time. He came home they said they were going to run everything and call him back. He knew he pretty much had the job as long as his background went through. They called him later and said that they couldn’t hire him because his drivers license is suspended. Of-course when he hung up he started having a fit about that and why it was and everything. Then it was my fault that they were. I had nothing to do with it.

When I was with RC me and him still had our insurance together because they wouldn’t let us get two policies even though we were not living together and going through a divorce. I just gave him so much a month out of my support to pay it. RC kept telling me to get it fixed and get my own or to let me put me on his. I said I was going to but just hadn’t done it. I was waiting for us to get moved to see what bills and things looked like for us. I didn’t want it to cost us more in the long run to take me off and put me on my own or on his. He kept saying he wasn’t going to pay it and I was going to lose my license and things. I wasn’t to worried about it because he knew he had to have it to keep his and he always made sure it got paid so he could drive. I figured that was the one thing she would keep up. Well when I came back after everything that happen with me and RC and moved back into my house he told me he hadn’t paid it and he had to. He went and paid it said he signed everything to keep it going. Well then in December when I had no money sold my truck to have money and had already spent that he tells me it is about to laps and that he don’t have the money to pay it. I had given him my money then to pay it also. I didn’t have it and he didn’t do anything about it and it ended up lapsing. My tag was dead too but I couldn’t get it with out insurance so I couldn’t get that in December when it came up.   I drove around until the end of March with no tag or insurance because I had to get tax money to fix everything. It took him forever to give me the stuff to file the taxes even. I got insurance a few days before I had the baby and then got the tag some time after I had her.

Well when we got the insurance we had to go to a different company because I said I am done I am not having a  policy with you because you don’t do what you are supposed to do. I was paying up for the year too. I didn’t want to be responsible for any accidents he may have or let someone else take his car and have either. The company we have been with for 10 years refused to write us a policy with out us being on it together. I told them no we were getting a divorce and they said until we were they had to write it together you couldn’t get one apart. I told him I knew you could that I knew other people who were married and who had their own. He said well they don’t use us. I said I guess I don’t anymore either if you can’t do that. If you would rather lose two customers than write us policies that fine and got up and left. He had already made me mad because we had to go get something out of the cars and my daughter said he was in there running his mouth and talking about me and us wanting two policies why we were out side. I guess he didn’t know who she was or thought they weren’t listing.

Well they did everything at the other company and took our money wrote us both or own policies and let us go. Well he never said that ex’s licences was suspended either. My understanding is that they are not supposed to write you a policy if you are the only one on it if you don’t have a license. If you don’t have a licences and you have a accident it is your fault no matter what happen. They say if you don’t have licences you are at fault because you shouldn’t have been on the road. I know his policy would have tried not to pay but they would have had to either pay and explain why he wrote it that way or give him his money back. I told him he needs to go down there and ask them why they did it that way and tell them he wanted his money back. Thank god he hasn’t been pulled over driving. He drives my truck once in a while. If that happen and he was in my truck I would be mad. I don’t like him to drive it so I don’t let him to often.

But he tried to tell me that I never paid him or paid him when I felt like it and months I didn’t i just didn’t pay it. I told him he better wait right there and that I did pay it and he knew it and i had others who knew the truth also. As everything else I’m a lair and blah blah blah. Then sit here and go what am I going to do where can I get the money how do I work this all out so I can get this job. I said I don’t know i have nothing else I am losing all my stuff now so don’t look at me. I am done cleaning up your messes you made. Thank god they didn’t hit mine. He has told so many lies about it and why it was that way today it is unreal.  He ended up calling his grandma who he never talks to. To tell her something then tells her all about it because he knew she would give him the money. I had to take him over to get that. I wasn’t happy about that. But I done it because he has to have this job. I am over all the BS with everything that needs to be done around here when he is here because of the way he does things. I say all the time when he is with us it is like a circus. I can go out with me and 5 kids 3 are 3 and under and not get looked at and talked about like I do if I go out with him and 4 kids. He is worse than the kids.


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