You will need ——
Toiletpapper roll
1 yellow piece of foam 5 x7 size
1 blue piece of foam 5 x7 size
1to 2 black pipecleaner. Or color you prefure
1 yellow pipecleaner other color if you want.
2 large papper clips optinal
1 to 2 googly eyes


Take you yellow foam and fold in half long ways. Wrap around top half of roll. It will over lap in back just a little and should come half way down the roll. If it does cut foam piece in half long fold. If it dont un fold a little until it does. Then cut in half.

Repeat same with blue foam around bottom half.
Now glue the foam pieces around roll. If it wont stay you can use the big papper clips to hold them in place til glue dries.

Next take your yellow pippecleaner and wrap it around from back in the middle so you have arms. Fold in half so arms are not so long and a little thicker. Put glue around middle wrap arms back around. Twist ends of arms together in front. This will hold until back and sides dry.

Decide if you want 1 or two googly eyes and what size. For two eyes use your 2 black pipecleaner twist the ends of the two together. Now make the two circles for the eyes. Wrap ends of pipecleaner around to back around both sides and twist together tight. Cut left over ends off.

If doing one eye you should be able to do the aame but with one pipecleaner.

Now glue your googly eyes or eye into the circles.

Let sit until glue is dry remove paper clips untwist arms in front and you have a minion. You can draw a mouth on with a black sharpy and use something to ad hair.


Share your minions you make below.


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