That RC got rid of everything even his dog and took every body back to Tenn when they moved out of the house the middle of July. (You can read about that here Just For Documentation Really). My friend that helped me move when everything happen there and who let me and the kids stay with them for a bit when we ended up homeless over it all called and told me today. She said that someone told her husband or his sister that they talked to him and he told them that. Her husband is the one that got him the job at the shop right before we split up so that we could have more money coming in and be able to get a bigger place for us and the kids. His sister works there. She said one of the tow drivers talked to him.

He may very well be I really don’t know but I really have my doubts that he is. He was very adamit that he did not want to go back up there with her and he wanted to stay here. That if she wanted to go back there to be with her family and ex and this guy she was talking to up there she could.

They are all on facebook her, her 3 daughters, mom, and him. I can’t see his page but I can see the rest of their pages and no where has any of them said anything about them being back up there. They were talking all over about them being down here how much they missed each other and everything else. I think that if they were back up there they would be talking about it and how happy they were to be home how happy they are to be back to gather and things.  No one has said anything in almost a month. Crazy (his girlfriend) changed where she lived from the city they lived in when he first brought them here to where they were in the house. She had never changed it. He still has his listed as where he moved to and brought her down here to after we split up. I can see that much on his page.

I also seen on her page her complaining that she was just ready to give up and that nothing she did or said was ever right. He told her not to and that he was sorry things were the way they were and the bs was going one and she wasn’t the only one.

Later her mother commented and said she never had these problems until you showed up and then the kids started giving her all these problems and especially the next to oldest who he had been fighting with the last time I seen him. Seems like if they were back up there they wouldn’t be having so many problems because the kids would be home with all their family they would be happy. That is where they grew up all their life until a year ago. I can see them being mad and upset. One minute they are living life as normal then the next after 9, 4, and 14 years they are just snatched a way from all their family and older sister and drug 100’s of miles a way to live in one of the worse parts of town and go to school in some of the worse schools around. And in a area that it is hard enough for the kids around here to fit in with out getting picked on beat up and bullied. Them with their accents and country selves stick out like a sore thumb and I am sure went through hell.

They had just moved when he got in touch with them hadn’t even finished unpacking yet had to turn around and pack up what they had room for and move again and leave what they didn’t have room for. Since they been here they are now on their 3rd place be it here or there. So In a year they have moved 4 times all together. I don’t blame them for being mad for not wanting to be here and not happy about moving all over. Ad the fact that they fight like hell between the two of them all the time and then him and the older girl fight too. I am sure they are having a grand old time.

I had told her the other day I was going to call him up and talk to him. At least try to any way and see what all he had to say. I don’t know why I am or what I am going to say but I just feel I am supposed to. Something keeps pushing me too. Another thing is as of the 26th of last month he had the same phone number. I think if he moved he would have changed it. When I was going to call him I started having the kids at the time I was going to do it so I haven’t yet. I figured I would do it this Wednesday when they get back in school. That is if he hasn’t changed his number by now. She may have made him get a new one even if they didn’t move. The 26th was his birthday and I texted him a picture of the baby. I had called him before that and he answered why they tried to tell me before it wasn’t his number they didn’t know who he was. I had also text him after that and before his birthday but when I do I get no reply. We figure because they want me to think it isn’t his number. But if I call out of the blue like I have a few times he always answers just like I am sure he will this time if it is still his number this and he didn’t change it.

My friend seems to think he is keeping his number and they aren’t saying anything online or anywhere because they don’t want me to know where he is. That is just stupid because he knows I have ways of finding out where he is in just a few minutes if I really want to. And it seems he would want me to know he is up there so that I won’t expect him to come around and figure I won’t be able to get support if I decided I wanted to so I wouldn’t even try.

If I get a chance alone the next couple of days I am going to try and call him and talk to him. If I don’t I am going to call Wednesday for sure and see if I can’t get a hold of him.


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