{August 13, 2013}   Another Summer Break Coming To An End

Tomorrow is the last day I will have all my kids home with me for the summer. I would love to take them out and do something with them but I will be lucky to get a few school clothes and supplies to get them through until the first when i can hopefully get them some more. We will probably hang out here at the house and do some art projects, draw paint and do play doh. I always have big plans for the summer and they always seem to get changed do to one thing or the another. The last two years has been do to my 2 year old and lack of a sitter. I wanted to take them to some of the movies and things at the library this summer and last. But we tried and didn’t get to because he is not a sitting still watch a movie listen to a story do a project kind of kid. He is always on the go and always moving and wanting to talk. Last year I had to make all the kids get up and leave the move shortly after it started. This year we got about half way through but that was with me telling him to come back sit down watch see what happens next stop talking……… over and over until he started to through a fit and have a melt down. My dad was with us and he took him out and walked around the mall area and took him out side why we finished the move. It is never my baby babies I have to worry about or have a problem with it is always my toddlers.

I think they had a pretty good time considering. They like when there is no school they pretty much get to make their own bed time so they can stay up and play read watch moves or whatever they want as long as they don’t wake the baby or their brother up and don’t fight. My big girl went and stayed at a friends house a few times and big boy had his friend come and stay about a week with us why his sister stayed at his friends house. We just traded kids lol. They don’t care and they love it gives them new surroundings and someone new to play with.

I think the best part of the boys summer was having the little girl I started baby sitting for over all the time to play with. I don’t know what it is about her buy both of the boys took to her and just love having her here and playing with her. They ask me Saturday and Sunday how many wake ups until she come back, can we go get her today is she coming tomorrow o. They will play and play all day together and never ask to do anything else. They have their fort or club house under and behind the beds and they get their stuff and go in there and play all day with their babies and stuffed animals. IT’s a school it’s a house it’s a daycare, some days it’s a rocket going to outer space. it all just depends what they decide. I think all in all they had a good summer and had fun. We didn’t get to go swimming as much as we had planed but it sucks when it is to hot to even go swimming out.

Now the fun of school and homework and getting back on a better sleeping pattern starts. Oh and lucky me this year I have a since project to do with my 4th grader. I was never good at them when I was in school I only remember doing two and I don’t think i did so hot on them. At least she did one last year with her class to learn how to do them so they would be ready to do their own this year. I better start finding ideas now so she has something to pick from. And I can give her ones that I may half way know what I am doing or can at least pretend like I do and hopefully do ok on it with her lol.

Hope everyone has had a fun summer and good luck with school this year.

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