I am on facebook and in the last couple of months I have found groups on there to buy sell and trade with people in my area. Well I have found a few things here and there and picked up. I got something for my friends daughter and bought some clothes for the baby. A while back a lady had a bunch of Rescue Heroes stuff listed on a free site. I got in touch with her about them. Well she had to go out of town and we were just now able to meet up today.

In the mean time Tuesday I found 17 of the glass bottles I have been looking for. They are the 8 oz ones. I have enough of the little ones. She had them too lol. I was going to order some but hadn’t yet since I found the 8 oz size at a store here. But to order them was going to cost me $2.60 a bottle. I got all 17 for $17. I don’t think i really need that many but I know some will get broken when she gets bigger and I have a friend that wanted some so I am going to see if she still needs them.

I also found a lady that had cafe stuff to go in my kitchen that I really liked. I talked to her and got that from her. She had a rug napkin holder two pictures and a table runner. All would have been great and worked perfect in my kitchen.

The problem is the closes one to me was 31 miles a way and the next two were about 40. I had set it up with the first lady to get the stuff today and asked the other two if they would hold until today also so I didn’t have to make two or three trips. That is what we did. i picked up the little girl I watch at 730 and headed right to the first ladies house.

Well on the way there I was listing to the radio and they played this sound back wards and you had to call in with the name of the song and who sung it. I called got throw and won a $25 gift card to use any where. I am going to save it for next week. Maybe I will find someone who wants to go out and can find a sitter.

Wasn’t happy with the lady with the cafe stuff. I have tried to get a hold of her for 3 days now. Really sucks because even if she was to get a hold of me now I would’t be able to get it because it is to far of a drive for me to run down there for nothing.


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