The other night I made pot roast and tried making it different this time. It came out so good. Here is the recipe  The Best Pot Roast. not sure why it isn’t letting me link to it but if you look under my other post you will see it.

What you need

The left over roast and all the liquid from the it. store separated

Red potatoes chunk-ed up peal on

Bag of baby carrots cut in half


12 oz can Pepsi

1 package of Au Ju mix

Cut all veggies up and put in large pot. Ad a stick of butter and enough water to just cover the veggies. Boil until done. Why that is cooking take the roast and shred it up. Pour the left over liquids into a sauce pan ad he Pepsi. Bring to a boil whisking now and then.  Once it starts to boil ad the Au Ju mix and whisk it in. Then ad the shredded meat and let boil until meat is hot. Drain veggies ad meat mixture to veggies and serve.


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