{August 16, 2013}   First Day Of School

The first day of school went great for the kids. My oldest loved her new school and next in line loved meeting all the new people who started his little school. He was also excited he got a new teacher this year. He thought he was going to have the same one form last year. As it is small and they have a few grades together a lot of times. They got a new class with a new teacher and a new teacher for one of the other classes.

Oldest wants to join art and maybe chorus. That is about all they offer at her new school for clubs. That was one nice thing about her other school they offered all kinds of after school clubs every year. You could go to two each semester. She was so excited that they had 3 kinds of milk and offered a bunch of different selections at lunch. Her other school they didn’t have a lunchroom so they got their food from the school around the corner from them. They didn’t get to pick they only had one selection and it wasn’t always as hot as they would have liked.

They were both so tired when they got home they had a snack and fell asleep. They got up different times in the evening had dinner and went back to bed. Today was better since they got some sleep yesterday. They were at least a wake to have dinner then they went to bed around 830 or 9. Even my little guy went to see why I didn’t hear anything and they were all in bed sleeping. so nice.

First day of school for me and the little ones on the other hand wasn’t so great. It started out ok. I dropped my oldest to catch the bus then went to pick up the little girl I watch and took my son to school. I wasn’t feeling good so I decided to take the 3 little ones to breakfast. Ex was 2nd on call for the day so he went with us. Wasn’t thrilled but I didn’t say nothing because of my baby boy. He wanted him to go too. After we ate I went to the little flea market and then stopped at the bigger one. The little one was nice it wasn’t to hot the bigger one was so hot I thought I was going to pass out we did’t even walk around all of it and the people who were selling were packing up and going home. It wasn’t even 11 yet.

When I got home my friend said she was looking for someone to take her to the island to see about a job. I hadn’t gotten the kids out of the truck yet so i told her I would take her. We did that and went to go home. We got a block a way from the place and ran out of gas. Me and her had to push my big truck out of the road and in order to do that we had to push it into the bigger road between breaks in traffic and get it to turn and into the grass. It was a mess I am trying to help her steer and push and can’t reach the peddles. Once it started going I had to jump on the running board and get in to stop it.

I was going to call someone to come help us but I thought about it the store was right down the way about 4 or 5 blocks. I figured by the time someone could get there I could have walked up there and back and be on my way before they got there. There was a guy mowing the yard at some offices and warehouse across the street. I walked over and asked him if he had a gas can I could use. I took it and walked up to the store why she stayed with the kids. I got to the 7/11 and they had no gas. Not a drop of any kind what so ever. I thought I would at least get some water because it hadn’t gotten any cooler out. It was still as hot or hotter than when I left the flea market. The place was empty I don’t even know why they had the women in there working it was that empty. If they had sold everything left they wouldn’t have made enough to pay her for being there hand having the place open for the day or any of the bills.

There is a big two story building behind it this guy seen me walking over and offered to give me a ride to the other store. He said there was a 50/50 chance of them having gas because they hadn’t been. He said he would wait around the corner for me to come back by and if i needed a ride to come let him know he was in a big black truck over there. He was nice but there was something about him. When I went by he hollered at me I just told him I had it taken care of and kept walking. He looked funny and said ok.

I went back to where the guy was doing the yard across from the truck. I was going to ask him if he was going to be done soon or if he was going to be a little bit. I needed to know so that I knew if I had time to walk the other way to the other store. He just said I will be done in a few minutes hold on and left me standing there. When he got done he said he would run me over to the other store to get gas. So we walked back to his truck and he was closing the gate and things for the trailer and putting stuff a way. I started to open the door to the truck and just sit down with the door open he was about done. I thought no I don’t know him I don’t want to do that he may get mad or try say i did something. About that time he looks up and goes I got my two dogs in there. It was running I wondered why. The windows were like my truck I just got rid of very dark tinted you couldn’t see in unless you were right on top of it and then only tell something was there not much about it. When he said it I looked up and these two heads popped up one from the front seat and one from the back. He got done went around and got in. I open my door he was telling it to move and get in the back. They were two big bull dogs. I got in sat down they were ok. He took me i was able to get a little bit of gas and get us back to the station to put more in.

I told my friend when we got going I said I told the other guy no he seemed odd. Then this one seems ok and then has two huge dogs with him. I said I thought great now watch I get in here and he has these two big dogs in here he tries to start with me. I really didn’t think so or I would have never went with him. I was talking to our other friend and she was like I can’t believe you did that. She is scared of everything though. She don’t even like to be out driving around by herself at night much less to have to get out and go in somewhere. She won’t go most the time if she don’t have someone else to go with her. Even in the day time she is funny about things.

I was so hot tired and wore out. I hadn’t slept since I got up Tuesday morning it is now Wednesday. I had been in the heat at the flea market and then all that. I got the kids from the bus and took the little girl I watch home. Then came home and passed out for the night. I got up once in the night got something to eat and once to give the baby a bottle and get a drink. Still couldn’t hold my eyes open I passed right back out. I was wide a wake feeling good and ready to go today.

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