As if yesterday wasn’t enough adventure and fun for a few months. There had to be more today. I got both kids to their buses and picked up the little girl I watch. I was awake and feeling good ready to get out and do something. The petting zoo farm place was having a play date day or something. It is $5 for each kid adults are free and the baby was free. I told the kids lets go home eat and get ready and we will go grab some carrots and go. You are allowed to feed the animals if you bring some.

I am in my room finding me and baby something to wear so we can go. The girl I watch is standing by the baby bed talking to her and me. All of a sudden my little guy comes running through my room and goes in my bathroom. I think he is going to the bathroom. In a minute I forgot and went to go in there and he is getting up on the toilet and trying to turn the water on and drink from the sink. I said what are you doing get down from there. He turned around and looked at me with this horrible look and had his mouth open as big as he could get it telling me hot.  I said what did you do did you eat something he said no. I said did you drink something he shook his head yes. I said what he said he didn’t know. I had to make him go show me. He had gotten my daughter dove body spray out of her room and drink a quarter of the bottle. I freaked as he ran a way again. I came to get him he was drinking down a big cup of tea. I told him not to didn’t know if he should be washing it down. I grabbed my phone and it wasn’t working again. (It’s a real POS) I couldn’t find the number for poison control because it wouldn’t work I couldn’t call anyone. I grabbed the poor baby who had fallen asleep up out of bed and told them all to get their shoes on and get in the truck. I stuck him in the front with me in case something happen. I didn’t want to have to pull over get out get to him in the back and have to get him all unbuckled from his seat before I could do anything for him. Their doctors office is only a few minutes away like 2 or 3. Way closer than the ER that is like 30 or more probably, We got there I got out and noticed I was still in my gown. I have this mans shirt that is really big I sleep in. I had put my jeans on but not changed my shirt. I tucked it in my pants got them out and took them inside. I walked up to the counter and the three ladies know me they said hi and were talking to each other. I said I’m not sure what to do we don’t have an appointment but my son drank this and sat the bottle on the counter. They were like what how much whats his name and everything. One went to find the doctor. In a minute the doctor came out to the waiting area. She asked what he drank how much and how long it had been. I told her she said take him to the ER. I said really she said yes he should go. I really didn’t think it would hurt him because it had been close to 10 minutes by now and he acted as if nothing was wrong. I just wanted to make sure and to know what to look for in case something happen mostly what to do for him until I could get him help if it did. She said looked at him and seen the other two kids too. She said I want you to call poison control tell them everything and see what they say. She told them to give me the number and take me in the back where I could sit with all the kids and be able to hear and keep them where they needed to be.

I called them they asked if it had Alcohol in it. I told her it was the first thing listed on the bottle. She took down the other information and said to make sure he had plenty to drink and give him a snack. She said he may stumble around some and that as long as he had stuff to drink and eat it shouldn’t hurt him. She said they worry about their sugar dropping from the alcohol other than that it was ok. I told them the doctor said go ahead check him in there she would document it and check his vitals and things. I felt good about that. I wanted it to show that we had been there and they were aware of what happen that I did bring him to get seen or to find out what needed to be done at least. Just in case anything happen later. No one could say I didn’t get him help or didn’t try to. Just with the way things are and the problems I had two summers ago. Everything was good so we got to go home.

We got home past time we should have been leaving for the farm. I didn’t figure he should be in the heat after drinking it either. I just told them it was to late we would try to go next time. I was so mad at my oldest she always keeps her room locked and I had told her a few times about that being down. She is not allowed to have anything like that anymore for a while.

I know have poison control saved in my phone. My oldest said mom it is on the fridge. I didn’t see it told her to get it it was on the side holding a paper at the bottom almost. I made them put it on the front of the fridge on the top.


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