{September 6, 2013}   To Many People Here

There are now 3 people to many in my house and I am not liking it. It is bad enough having ex here but now I have my mom and grandmother here. They are looking for a place and were staying with my sister and her husband is really rude and nasty said they had to leave after telling them they could come there and stay. Me and my mom don’t get along. We are ok as long as we don’t live together and see each other now and then. Everything has to be just so with her and she thinks something should be done she thinks you should jump and do it just how and when she wants it done. She is always saying something about how I do with the kids and things. She said something about the bathroom needing cleaned the other day it was just done but it needs done again. She said there was something on the seat of the toilet I said something about ex cleaning it she said something about cleaning after me for years. I said it isn’t my bathroom it is ex’s he is the one who cleans it when he gets ready. She said well I cleaned after my husbands for years too. I said well he isn’t my husband and I cleaned after him for years too when he was.

She acts as if everything is just fine with me and him and like nothing ever happen. Like she thinks we are together. Well I know she does she said something before coming here that we are still together just not sleeping together or what. I told her no we weren’t that we were not together in any way shape or form and no we weren’t sleeping together hadn’t in forever and wouldn’t be again ever. She didn’t say anything else.

They came her the 23rd of last month not sure how long they are going to be here. Not long I hope. My grandma has money and things to get a place they just have to find something and there hasn’t been much around. I hope they find something soon but don’t know. I don’t mind my grandma she is fine she is always helping and doing stuff. Keeps an eye on the little ones for me why I get stuff done or if they get up before me she will give them breakfast and things. I tell her all the time to leave stuff alone and to wake me up I can do it. She still does it. My mom I have to wake the baby up every morning at like 630am and take her with me on a 15 minute trip up the road because she don’t want to be bothered with her. She would sleep until I got back but no because she woke up and wanted a bottle and needed a diaper one time she don’t want her left here why I go and come back. She just aggervates me being here. She is like ex she is just one of them people that you don’t want to be around to much. I can’t wait to get everyone out of here and it just be me and the kdis.

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