Last year the last couple weeks of school my oldest school called and sent papers home asking if they could test her for gifted. I said sure why not. She is smart for her age loves to learn always reading and the one to be done way before the other kids and helping the others. I know she gets bored with her work a lot of times and hates to study because she knows it. They use to have all their homework for the week given on Mondays. She would come home sit down and finish it all in a matter of an hour or so. They got homework in at least 3 subjects most nights. Wasn’t like a sheet of this or that to do. This only leaving her with 20 minutes of reading a night for the rest of the week. Even that she would read way longer than 20 minutes. She was in second grade I gave her Charlotte’s Web to read because she could read a ton of the little books they gave them to read in 20 minutes. She would read it and keep track of what page she started on and stopped on and how long she read. The teacher was surprised she was reading it and understood it and could tell her all about what she had read. They tested her reading and she was reading then 90 some words a minute with 90 something right.

They just barely got the testing for gifted done before school got out. I think she took the last test the day school got out or the day before. I never got the results of the test. Only her FCAT scores when I went over the summer. They were pretty high also. When I put her in the new school she wanted to go to this year I asked they said they didn’t know if they would send that information over or if I would have to go and get it. I don’t know why they wouldn’t it is part of her record. Well in a few days I got a note from her new school saying that they wanted me to come to a meeting last Friday about her test results. Of course I went  and was and wasn’t surprised at her test results. But very happy and proud of her. She got 125 on her IQ test. She missed getting into the gifted program by 5 points. But then they said they had another way she could get in and that they went over everything for that and that she got in that way. They looked at her test scores talked to her teachers looked at her grades and FCAT scores and felt that even though she missed it by a few points she still was what they would consider gifted and put her in. They said once she has gotten in there is no retesting she is in for life. They set up a 3 year EP for her but said that when she goes to jr high in two years we would meet and go over it again and change what needed to be changed.

I know that it is extra work and things for her but I think it will help her in the long run. They pointed out somethings in the information they gave me that I never thought about that I think will help her in the long run. I think that if she sticks with it and does good with her grades and things it will open up other possablities for her when she gets to jr high and high school.

My mom keeps saying I shouldn’t have done it and it is going to be so hard and she is going to have all this extra work and things when she gets to the higher grades. She says she is going to have to do all this extra work for nothing because she will end up with the same thing the other kids get when it is all said and done. But I think she will be at a better advantage than kids in the regular classes and things like that. Being in the program opens up money for collage and other programs and things to get into later on. It pushes them to do their best and to stay in school it keeps it interesting for them. She wants to be a vet when she gets older I know she is only in 4th but I know she has the drive to stay with it and do it if that is what she really wants to do or whatever she decides to be and do. But I think that I will have problems with her later in school if she isn’t in something that is challenging her and giving her something to do other than just regular class work. She will get bored and I don’t think she will be my one to cause problems in class but I think she would be my one to skip or just quit going all together when she could because she was bored with it. Like I told her if it gets to be way to much and over whelming for her when she gets to high school or jr high even I can pull her out.

I don’t think she really understands what it is and how it works because a lot of what she says don’t make since. But that isn’t anything new for her. She never knew what was going on when I was in school either. I was there and went every day well not every day but the days I decided to go. I knew what was going on where I was at what I needed and if I was going to be able to finish on time and with my class. She didn’t bother to ask or keep up with it. She just knew I needed to take a few classes over and had a few problems. So she just assumed that I wouldn’t. Instead of listening to me or going in for any of the meetings and things they had to inform her she spent her time telling me how I wouldn’t and how I couldn’t do it. The only real reason I finished high school was to show her she was wrong didn’t know what she was talking about. I finished on time with my class and walked with my class. She never said anything just acted as if she didn’t like it that i did.

I had a hard time in school from about jr high on and no one ever tried to get me help. She called herself trying by making a phone call or two now and then but never stayed on it and made sure what needed to happen and what should have did. When you don’t it never does. I never got any kind of help or anything I just struggled through and did it on my own. I always said that I would never do that with my kids I would be 100% involved with their schooling and what they needed. If I had more help and someone that was more involved I wouldn’t be in the situation I am now. I would have went to collage and done better. But by the time I fought with her about school and everything else in life growing up and then struggled to get high enough grades to pass for so long I didn’t want any part of any kind of school when I got out for a long time. When I got to high school I did just enough to pass so I could finish that was it. I don’t want my kids to have to fight and struggle and have no one to help them.


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