{October 2, 2013}   30 Days

When father of the years hours got cut at the mattress place and he took the “wonderfull” electrical job that he lied and said was going to pay so good we got behind a month on the rent when he lost it. We were falling behind on other bills from hours being cut and ended up having to pay on them to keep them on. We werent able to pay them off just some down to keep rolling along. We paid the next month on time we told them we were trying to get it all caught up but other was behind and we had to pay some on them and get his checks rolling because he had a short week when he started the new job. They told us to give them $100 and they couldnt do anything and we would work on it. That was some time in augest we told them it would take a month or two but that we would have the normal rent on time. We did we had augest and september and we have octobers. We got a call last week saying they wanted to set a payment plan up. We had already talked and was going to take them $200. Yesterday or today since he got paid friday and that we should be able to have it paid off by the first of november. So he went in told them what we could do and they said they were going to let them know and it should be good. Well Saturday Fedx came i didnt get the door i was busy with baby and hadnt gotten dressed. It birthday time i figured it was a gift they leave it at door. They didnt. They brought it back yesterday it was a letter saying they want us out in 30 days. He talk to them they said they would ask them if we came up with all if we could stay. She called me today said owner says he just wants you out. Even if we paid every dime thats behind and this months on time. She said he called her and told her before she even had the chance to tell him. So even though he told her day before to make payment plan he can call the next day and say no forget it just put them out after we make them. Thats ok they allow that with a lease. Ad they would give us half a months rent for moving cost if we just get out. We are behind but they are going to give us money to leave. What the hell is that. Then she tells me dont pay keep money i have now to move on pay it when we get out and we can make payments then. But when my rent was paid 3 or 4 months ahead they didnt have a problem and didnt bother to fixmy stuff that was broken. I told them a few times they never came. I told her today to. I sit here with my stuff broken for how long they didnt fix it and then i didnt complain when i was late because they acted like they were going work with us. I know they may need the rent to fix it and things so i figured I should wait too.she said the owner said we couldnt afford to pay it he didnt want it late like it had been the last few months. The way they do i understand but they nned to think about it too. We were late the one month the next month on time but they put it toward the last months rent so then it lets the next months look like it is late. Thats one thing she said they would tell them we had so many late payment. I have no clue what we are going to do this is crazy. I cant believe it i truly have no clue what we are going to do we dont have money to move on and he is making money now we can afford this place we just had so much to catch up on we are going to be so screwed every where else is way more a month. Father of the year keeps going why dont you go here there. Kids are going to be so upset here it is the holidays and we are going to be moving or homeless again. I just cried when she told me its all i have done for hours. I been trying so hard and been doing good that one month through it off.

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