{October 15, 2013}   Hug Your Kids Tighter Tonight and Say A Prayer

I am asking everyone to say a prayer for a little 5 year old boy and his family tonight they need all they can get. God will know who it is. Hold your kids closer and say a prayer for them too.

Tonight the kids had their 2nd stars meeting so I stopped picked my friend and her daughter up and we went. I dropped them off and ended up hanging out by the truck talking to her longer than I planned to. I told myself just drop and go baby was getting fussy and I had my 3 year old at another friends being watched. I was in a hurry to get to him. I got out to let her daughter out and started talking. Wasn’t there long maybe 5 minutes.

I headed home called my friend who had my son and was talking to her. I got about 6 miles from home and I seen a truck to the right of the road stopped. As I got closer I could tell it was in the road. I slowed down trying to figure out what was going on and where the people were I could tell no one was in it and it was in the middle of that lane. As I slowly drove by I seen someone stooped down and a person laying there. You could tell they had been ran over. It was bad. I said to my friend oh my god someone has been hit and it looks like a kid or very small adult but I think it is a kid.

She hung up and called her husband because he had been in or was about to be in that same area on his way home from somewhere else. He said someone said it was a man they didn’t know if it was a teen or adult that had been ran over. Still horrible horrible thing to happen to anyone one but thank GOd it wasn’t a child. I would rather it be me than any child out there. I still was shaken and felt sick. I got my son and came home. We did what we had to do dinner and bedtime.

Later the news came on and my friend called me to tell me it was on the news and what they were saying because she knew I was outside not watching it. Turns out sad but true I was right and it was a child. It was a 5 year old little boy with autism. I they airlifted him to the childrens hospital I am guessing.  His family was there at the volunteer fire department for a boy scout meeting and he got away from them I guess as they were leaving or something and he ran in to the highway.

I am in tears and sick this hits so close to home as my own son is autistic. Father of the year has just pissed me off to the point of leaving the room to avoid a fight. He says how could parents let that happen and this and that about it. I am sure they did not let it happen. Anyone with a child with special needs knows how hard it is to start with. Then when you have them out you are always on edge. But things happen that is out of any of our control. Kids like this do not understand danger and a lot have no fear. It isn’t hard for one to slip away from the most watchful of parents. My son about that age maybe a year older walked away from me and his dad in the store one night. He wasn’t a wanderer or a runner he didn’t like to be by himself or in public or away from us. He always walked along beside me in the store he would hold my hand or my pocket and stay right with us. He had a melt down and I turned my head to get the keys out of the diaper bag and turned back around and that fast he had walked a way  to the point I could not find him. I freaked. I went and asked them to help me find him and everything else.

This little boy may have never been a runner he may have just been trying to play around or follow the other kids and got a little too far from his mom and dad or whoever he was there with. We never know with kids like this what idea they are going to get in their mind or at what moment. Something sets them off upsets them or makes them mad and that new idea comes into their head lets do this instead of this they just do it. They again are not thinking about the danger around.

So please no rude comments or remarks about the parents and what they should have or could have done. That they are bad parents how did they let this happen or anything like that. Lets just all pull together and pray for this little boy and his family. I wish there was something I could do for him and his family but I just don’t know what. I don’t know who he was or anything else right now. Any ideas would be great.

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