{October 19, 2013}   I Want This So Bad

I posted the other week about having to move at the end of the month. Well I have been looking and haven’t found anything in a good area that we can afford. It is hard for us to because here they want you to show you have 3X the income coming in in order for them to even rent to you. That isn’t always easy to do when they want so much for the rents.

Today I went and looked at a few places and have made plans to go look at some places with a friend of mine tomorrow. Tonight I came home and decided to look on the computer to see what I could find. I went a few down the page and found one that I really want.

It is a 3/2/2 on a 1 acre lot But it says it is AS IS and it is only $750 a month. It dose not say what it means by as is and the rent is a little over half of what the houses in that area are going for. They will take my pets and they only want fist and last month to move in. It don’t give a phone number just email. I know where the house is I got my friend and we went over there. I was hoping there would be some sign in the yard with a number or something on it but there wasn’t. So I got out and walked around it looking in the windows with a flash light. I didn’t get to see all of it. Some I couldn’t see into. What little I did see didn’t look bad. It has carpet in some rooms looked good with the little light I have but who knows in daylight and if it smells. The back porch needs to be rescreened. That isn’t a big deal I can do that I was going to do it to the house we are living in now because the people didn’t do it right and it is coming out and tearing up.

My friend said it probably don’t have a stove and things in it or a a/c unit. I didn’t get to see in the kitchen so i am not sure. I don’t have the money to buy them but I can rent them for now. I would just make sure it said when we signed the paper work it said that we put them there and that we get to take them when we leave. If I could get it and there isn’t much wrong and it don’t have central a/c I would be willing to put window units in as long as it says it is ours and we keep them. I am not putting a ton of money into someone elses house and paying them rent. If they want to give me so much off a month to pay on them then I would leave them. I am going to go back in the daylight and look in all the rooms. If it needs carpet or something I can put that in. I have put carpet and the wood type flooring in my old house. It isn’t hard to do yourself.

Everyone please just pray that this is something that is workable and doable for us and that the people will let us in it and we can get moved by the end of the month. That would be so nice it is a big house it is almost 1800 sqft. That is about 1000 more than where I am now.

Please just pray pray pray that we get it. I was talking to a guy from church last Wednesday at the flea market he was telling me about one not to far from this one that was across from him. I told him there was no way I would be able to touch a house out in that area. He said you might be surprised what you can get or end up with. I just hope he is right and we get it and this is the start to things turning around for us.

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