{October 21, 2013}   Can’t Wait

Today I will be calling as soon as the office opens to see if I can talk to someone about the house we found over the weekend we want to move to. I really hope they are willing to give us a chance and there is nothing more wrong with the house than what we seen. I hope that others haven’t called and looked at it and want it either. i am thinking most people are not going to want it as is and knowing they will probably be moving in 6 months. Most people looking to move out there are looking for the ready to move in fixed to the T house. Plus a lot of people are not going to want to do work to it but others don’t know how to do the work or quick fixes so they can’t take it. I have a good feeling but the closer we get the harder it is to stay positive about it. I am trying really hard to be positive about this. I just don’t want to be let down. but I guess we shall know in about 6-8 hours a little bit of something at least if not a for sure yes or no. Please just keep praying for me and the kids.

Did you get the house? I have been praying for you.

No we been talking with them and checking to make sure it wasnt a scam. But when we called yesterday they said they had 5 people ahead of us call back today or tomorrow. We checked today and someone got it. I have to find something and have all my stuff out by wednesday. It isnt looking good.

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