Feeling Alive

I had been really stressed out and very depressed for a while, not that is anything new or news to anyone who follows and reads my blog when I have time to post. Since moving a few months ago the depression has only gotten worse. But I don't know what it is the last few … Continue reading Feeling Alive


Just Wanted To Say

I hope that everyone had a very blessed Christmas. It has been a busy week or so with getting ready for Christmas and other things I had come up I have been trying to get taken care of. I have been going to bed at 6 or 7 am sleeping a couple hours and getting … Continue reading Just Wanted To Say

WordPress Family Award

I am honored to have been given the wordpress family award from one of my favorite blogs I Am My Own Island her blog the The Old Heave HO  is one of the first blogs I started following when I started blogging myself. I am glad she is part of my wordpress family.  The rules are..... 1. post … Continue reading WordPress Family Award

Long Shot But Looking For……………………..

I got my mom and my grandma this angel about 13 years ago for Christmas. My grandma seen hers but didn't know it was hers and went on and on about how pretty it was and how much she liked it. It reminded me of her because she always had the kids at her house … Continue reading Long Shot But Looking For……………………..