{December 13, 2013}   Not A Lot Going On

It has been forever since I was able to write and it sucks. I tried to set things up on my phone so that I could but it isn’t working to well. I think I was able to fix it now that I have gotten on my computer. I have been so busy the last month or so. With moving, little bitty and the other kids. I don’t know where to start.

Guess I will start with moving it was the last thing I posted about I think. We had a place lined up but couldn’t get in until a few days after we had to be out of our place. Instead of spending money on a truck and a storage room and then a truck again in a few days I just got the largest truck and packed everything in it and went and stayed at my friends. The kids were at my moms except my two little ones. I figured it would be cheaper to keep the truck a few days than getting it twice and paying for a building for a month when I only needed it a few days. Well they strung us along for almost a week and lied about running the credit report and things. Then told me that we couldn’t get in because of stuff she said wasn’t a problem to start with. I had to put everything in storage and find somewhere for the animals. We are now at my moms again. That in itself is a post of it’s own I’m not even going to go there.

The kids got into the stars of tomorrow program at our local playhouse they are excited about that. They do their first program this coming week. I have screwed up big time with everything going on. I haven’t put in for our tickets. I have to go there first thing tomorrow and pray they let me get out tickets or I am in a lot of trouble. Pray that they understand and I have time to get them still.

I feel like I have lived at the doctors office the last month or so. The two little ones got pretty sick and had to go. The baby had to go back because she wasn’t getting better. Then she had to go again for a well check. My little boy started telling me his belly hurt and crying in his sleep and telling me it hurt when I wake him up so we had to go for that. She gave him some stuff to take for two weeks we have to go back Monday for that. Big girl brought home head lice for the first time ever and gave it to me and the boys. She has had it 3 times in the last few months. I am so mad about that because the school don’t care and don’t try to see if anyone else in the class has it. I had to take her to the doctor for that. She better be rid of it at this point. It don’t seem like the doctor trips are going to end. Baby goes back in Jan for another well check and the big kids go back in Feb for allergy testing.

My little bitty is getting so big and she is so smart I don’t know where the time has gone. She just turned 8 months on the 4th. She is pulling herself up and walking across the front of the couch holding on to it. She has been running everywhere in her walking. She will fallow me to the kitchen and if she is hungry she will sit there and tell me um um um yum yum yum. If I don’t get her something she gets upset. I can get her something and tell her come on and she runs after to the other room for me to feed her. She is to funny. She still only has her two front teeth on the bottom but is wanting more and more off the table. She is about done eating baby food. She had the whole thanksgiving meal off the table. She loved it. If we are eating she refuses to eat the baby food and wants what we are eating. Sometimes she will even if we aren’t eating. She is up to 14 lbs 2 ft 2 in as of the other day. She can still wear 0-3 months clothes. But they say she is growing on a curve her own curve but on one so they are not worried. They keep saying she is just going to be petite. the doctor was surprised she rolled over and waved to her as she went out of the room and told her bye. She said she is very smart and very advanced on her motor skills.

We had to give the ferrets a way. Part of the joys of being where we are. They were told they could keep them but then had to get rid of them. A friend I grew up with took them so they are at a good home and they can see them now and then. They may get them back if we get a place because they may move out of state the first of the year. I told them that if they got rid of them to let me know I wanted them back if I was moved and had room.

Proud of the both my big kids they are doing so good in school. They both have A/B honor roll. My big girl is one A from having all A’s and principles honor roll. Not sue if she will get it or A/B this time around. Feel kind of bad but she had science project to work on and turn in in the middle of moving. She only got a 70 on it but she got a 90 on her presentation. Not sure how that will average out in the end. I told her to ask for some extra credit to bring the grade up but she has had so much homework the last few weeks that we haven’t. But I am not to worried about it because I know she will have it pulled up and back to an A or B by the middle of next 9 weeks.

That’s about it nothing great other than their program I can’t wait to see. I am more than glad their last day until after New Years is next Friday. We can all rest and relax after the last few months of stress and change.


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