{December 13, 2013}   R.I.P. Hank AKA My Old Man
Hank not long after we got him. We let him taste a pickle.

Hank not long after we got him. We let him taste a pickle.

This is Hank he was the first dog we got a month or so after we closed on our house and moved in. He was 6 months old. We later got out bigger dog about 3 months later. Hank later became known as my little old man as I called him. All the kids who ever came to my house was scared to death of him. He would chase them around growling at them. I would have to make him stop.

When we moved I got a friend of mine to keep the dogs for me. She text and said he hadn’t eaten in a few days. I wasn’t worried then she told me he wasn’t coming out of the kennel either. I told her I would come see him the next day and check on him. She wasn’t home it was getting late. He wouldn’t eat for a day or two at home, figured he was just missing us and the kids. Later that night she called I missed it then she text me. I got a hold of her she said she just got home and he was dead in his kennel. She said he had had some blood when he went pee also and there was in the cage he had went to the bathroom when he passed I guess or before. He had had problems with his kidney’s but he had been fine. He had been extra moody the last few weeks and drinking more but he is just like that. Thinking he may have been having problems we didn’t realize. Most the time he has problems he wets himself but he hadn’t been doing that. I think they shut down. I felt horrible. Ex had to go over and buried him. I am glad it didn’t happen at home and the kids come in and find him. They took it hard but not to hard. My big girl cried big boy was upset but ok and baby boy don’t understand.

Crazy thing trying to lick his way outside through the window.

Crazy thing trying to lick his way outside through the window.

We were having a yard sale and I wouldn’t let him out with us because he would bark at everyone and scare the kids. Turned around and found this in the front window.

DSCN0095 DSCN0102

He didn’t like to wear clothes unless it was cold and he liked his Santa outfit more than anything he had. The kids were so thrilled he would wear it.

We had Hank for just about 6 1/2 years he would have been 7 in January.


R.I.P. Hank 11/10/13 you are missed.

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